[Notice] Hunter Balance Update (Application Complete)

by Natara posted Feb 08, 2018

Hello, Natara here.


As previously announced, certain Hunters’ skills will be adjusted.



- The maximum duration of 'Immunity' increases from the original 2.5 seconds to 3 seconds.
: Vincent, Edward, Hecate, Balian, Akasha (new)


- Akasha
: Akasha’s 4th special skill 'Healing for All' will be changed to 'Immunity'.


- Karl Steiner, Vincent
: Added Damage Immunity Penetration

**Damage Immunity Penetration: When using your skill against an enemy that is using immunity, it immediately breaks your opponent’s immunity, and you can give the enemy your skill damage normally. Also, it prevents the enemy to not use immunity for 10 seconds.

- Kain, Bibi
: Applied Immunity to Unconscious Enemy (stunning) in 5th skill.


Thank you.