[Notice] 15 Days Supply Package Changes

by Natara posted Feb 27, 2018

Good day, Captains of Midgard!


We will inform you of important package changes from now on. If you have played Blustone for a long time, you would have felt that the overall acquisition and usage of Manda has increased more than ever.


As a result, we have built a Manda package that will allow you to earn Manda for 15 days at a low price as you have requested! This has caused some changes in the composition of the package, and we would like to provide more information on this.


The Existing Supply Packages


#Everyday Supply Package 
-Fuel 200
-Manda 20
-Veteran Points 550
-100 Fuel for 15 days upon login


#Daily Stimpack Package 
-Mada 50
-Stimpack 30
-Veteran Points 990
-10000 Rupees for 15 days upon login
-10 Stimpacks for 15 days upon login


The existing Supply Packages above will be changed to Manda Packages below. Both the name and the components. 
(Prices are the same).


#Daily Manda Package  
-Manda 100
-Veteran Points 550
-20 Manda for 15 days upon login


#Daily Manda Package 2 
-Manda 300
-Veteran Points 990
-30 Manda for 15 days upon login


<Applied Time for Package Changes>
February 27th 15:00 (GMT+9)


The Manda Packages are available as soon as the package image and the name changes. However, for those who purchased the existing Supply Package after February 15th, you will not be able to purchase the Manda packages until the 1st of March. But, the daily compensation that is given upon 15 days login (20 or 30 Manda) will be sent as soon as the changes are applied.


We hope that these changes will help make Midgard Captains' activity better through the Manda packages.


Thank you.


**Please note that after these additional changes, the Everyday Recruitment Package will be removed for sale.