[Notice] Balance Improvements and Update Preview

by Natara posted May 23, 2018

Hello, Captains of Midgard. 


This time, we will summarize the main issues of Blustone in terms of game balance and present the direction of improvement in details.


1. Reducing Half of the Healing Amount While Bleeding (Applying on 1.3.9 Update)
Firstly, our understanding of the biggest issue in Fight Club is the supporter's healing skill efficiency. In the last balance 
notice, we have announced that while bleeding (receiving persistent damage) the healing skill it receives will be reduced by half. This adjustment will be applied first.
It will be applied in the next version 1.3.9 and we will announce specific dates of the v1.3.9 release soon. It is scheduled to be updated next week at the latest. Also, we will try our best to add the "Sudden Death Rule" feature we have announced as 
quickly as we can.

2. Weakening Heal Effect in PVP Content (Applying on 1.3.9 Update)
Although it is possible to reduce the healing amount to half with the above methods, it is highly predicted that it will still leave the (OP) normal healing (when not receiving persistent damage) as a problem in PVP. But, if we are to reduce the healing amount alone it will increase the level of difficulty immensely in PVE. Therefore, we will tune the hunter's ability correction stats to reduce the in-game effect that the healing takes at the moment. 
But, to reduce the 
number of confusion, instead of changing the healing amount itself, we will increase the attacking powers. It has been decided by an internal discussion that the increased attacking power and also increasing the HP (life) will also help reduce future confusion. 
Basically, we will make the healing skill to be strategically valuable in PVP content, but it will have a less role in battles than it does now.

3. Addition of Metron Abyss (Opening on 24th)
A Metron Abyss will be added so that you will be able to get Metron fragments easier. Like other 
Abysses, it is structured with 8 stages and it will open on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

4. Rupee Shop Price Changes and Addition of Items (Applying on 23rd)
Price Changes
- Elite Request : 30000Rupees > 20000Rupees (Each)
- Evaluation Request : 3000Rupees > 2000Rupees (Each)
- Silver Skill 
Materials : 2000Rupees > 1000Rupees (Each, Low pop up probability)


Added Items
Request : 60000Rupees (Low pop up probability)
Crystal : 10000Rupees (Low pop up probability)


5. Individual Hunter Balance Adjustments (Applying on 23rd)

Karl Steiner
- Attacking Power Increase


Thank you.