[Notice] New Hunter Diana Preview

by VSpang posted Aug 29, 2017

Hello, Captain!


A lightning-elemental bomber, Diana, is soon coming to Midgard! Congratulations to everyone who guess her name right in the event "Guess that Hunter."



"Oops! I hit it again. I seem to hit enemies better when they run away!"

Coffee Rabbits do not like conflict or clashes, but they know they need to protect themselves during bad situations. Because of this, in large Coffee Rabbit tribes, there exist archery masters. Amongst them is Diana, whose skill was discovered since she was young and has been raised as the best archer. Although she is young, her skills have been acknowledged as the best and she is now the owner of her tribe's prized Thunder Arrow.


Diana is a lightning-elemental bomber that can render enemies useless with her strong support fire. Her thunder arrow deals massive damage and causes the enemy to faint. Her arrow can also summon a tempest by chance, dealing large continuous damage to the enemy. She also increases her team's critical attack damage, amplifying the team's damage.


Thank you for your interest in Diana!