[Notice] Manual Player VS Player Battles (in friendly matches)

by VSpang posted Nov 09, 2017


Hello, everyone!


As we’ve teased before, we are excited to release a manual way to fight between players.


However, since our game launched in May, we had a Fight Club that has no active skills, and we believe that changing the system into manuals battles will cause confusion and chaos due to balancing issues and change.

Therefore, we are introducing this system in friendly matches first for you to test this system out without worry. In addition, we will be taking in feedback and adjusting any balance-related issues before releasing this system to the Fight Club.


※ Please note that the manual battles introduced now can be very different from the system applied to the actual Fight Club and that there can be many different balance-related changes during this trial period. There could also be changes to hunters’ skills in regards to balancing issues.


The manual battles will be closer to regular area battles rather than the Fight Club battles but certain factors will change.


<Battle Changes>

- When the battle time is over, the defending team won’t automatically win like the Fight Club battles now, but the team with more health will win.

- The tap attacks will be automatic for you to strategize and reduce exhaustion.

- The way the rage gauge increases will change. The rage gauge slightly increases with tap attacks but will greatly increase when you defeat a hunter.

- The defense for both the offensive and defensive team will be decreased by 30% regardless of hunter class or element.

- Due to the decrease of defense, regeneration based on defense will be decreased by 30%.


The following information is not yet applied, but can be applied in the future.

- A grace period can be added to offensive and defensive characters, similar to bombers and helpers.

- Akasha and Denali’s entire team healing is so strong that it may be adjusted.


We hope you look forward to manual player battles and we will strive to develop new and exciting features for your enjoyment.


Thank you!