[News] Update Notice

by Natara posted Jan 10, 2018

Hello everyone here’s some big news.

This is a notice for the details of update this week.

<New Features>
- Compensation Enhancement for Playing 
Now you will be able to receive Manda besides from just high Fight Club rankings, such as when accomplishing daily goals or attendance checks.

1. New User Reward
Through new users reward you can get 3★ Recruitment scroll and Mandas.

2. Daily Attendance Reward
Evaluation Request will be changed to Elite Request in addition to receiving Mandas.

3. Cumulative Attendance Dates Reward
The cumulative attendance dates will be slightly increased but the rewards you get when achieving the goal will be better.
Addition of more 2★ scrolls and a 3★ Selection Recruitment scroll.

4. Stage Clearance Reward
When you complete stages and collect the yellow stars from the chest box, the rewards inside it will be changed to Mandas.

(Collectable if the chests have not been opened)

5. Daily Goals Reward
In the Bonus Goal Reward, the Fuel Ticket will be changed to 5 Mandas.

- Clearance Gift System Added
To help new Captains adapt to Midgard easier a small present will be issued through 'Special Supply' based on each initial stage clearance.
Captains who have already cleared the stages can also find the rewards when clearing them again.
Please refer to the stages below that provides additional compensation when clearing.
(1, 5, 10, 13, 20, 23, 30, 33, 37, 40, 43, 47, 50, 53, 57, 60, 63, 67, 70, 73, 77, 80)

- Improving Item Descriptions
The name and description of items will be adjusted so that users can clearly know how to use items.

- Strengthening Special Supply Distribution Guide
When your Special Supply arrives, a guide will be sent to you so that you can be notified as soon as you arrive 
in Midgard.

- Combining Stores
Using rupees, fight chips, and Mandas which all had separate stores to purchase items will now be integrated into one convenience store.

- Simplified Skill Training
The display you see when pressing 'Begin Training' will be simplified to make it more convenient to train skills more quickly when pressing repetitively. 

- Adjustment of Acquirable Items in General Areas
Lower grade materials are available in all areas
Intermediate grade materials are available from area 5 (Giant’s Shelter)

Advanced grade materials are available from area 11 (Flamestone Basin)
Hunter traces are only available in stages 5 and 10
Removed Elite Request availability in general areas
Added Manda to be available in general areas when collecting stars.

- Search Related Changes
Rare Special Search probability increment
Significant increase in acquiring Elite Request in Rare and Unique Special Search

<Bug Fixes>
- Fixed the issue where the attack order of 
defense team was different from the setting order
- Improved game stability and speed
- Improved some pop-up displays
- Fixed the issue where some numerical values were displayed incorrectly in Special Training Effects
- Fixed the issue where items were mistakenly received in Special Supply when not pressing collect
- Fixed installation issues on some devices

Thank you for reading.