[News] Update Information Preview

by Natara posted Feb 22, 2018

Hello everyone!
We will announce details of new changes in version, which is scheduled to be updated this week.
 <New Features>
- Added Leader Setting Function
You will now be able to set a leader hunter from the training menu in the Hunter Gym.
The character set as a leader is displayed to other users in the village and will be selected as the collaborator in excavations.
Note that if you did not set up a leader hunter, you will see the main character on your team as the leader!
- Added Friend Recommendation Function
Now you will be able to send a friend request to the user who you have cooperated with at the abyss.
- Added Rupee Bonus When Buying Manda
The rupee bonus you got when buying Manda was restricted, giving it once per account (First Purchase Rupee Bonus). This will be changed to every month, so you can get bonus rupees once per month when buying Manda.
- Design Change of Fight Club's Waiting Room
During Fight Club battles, the hunters will no longer be in an airship and will be preparing for action in a private waiting room.
- Added Active Hunter Guide Pop-up
On the battle-ready page, you will be able to see which Hunter is the Active Hunter.
- Improved Defense Battle Record Page in Fight Club

- Design Change of Veteran Level Borders for Clarification
<Bug Improvements>
- Improved Fight Club & Search Stability
Thanks to many users' reports, finally the stability of Fight Club and Hunter Search is significantly improved.
- Fixed the incorrect number error when using coupon or tickets
- Fixed the bug where some users could not enter Fight Club
- (iPhone) Fixed the bug where the game closed after receiving a phone call or an alarm
<Future Update Preview>
- Addition of Help Page
A new help page will be added to help you understand the game.
- Mirage Ruins Opening
A new ruin will be opened to test Hunter's power.
Much of it is still piled up in veils, but over time it will be revealed.
- Addition of Metron Abyss
- Addition of New Stages in Abyss (6, 7)
- Addition of Batch Advancement Menu
We will add a convenience feature to advance many Hunters at once.
When the 1300 update process is complete, the Fight Club user's duel message will be fully reset.
This is so that we can run a smooth operation for Fight Club. So even if it can be a little troublesome, we would appreciate if you can set your Fight Club duel message again.
Please look forward to this week's new update!

Thank you.


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