[Notice] August 2017 Key Updates Preview

by VSpang posted Jul 21, 2017

Hello, everyone!


We hope everyone has been enduring through the miserable heat nowadays (or winter, for anyone below the hemisphere). We would like to present Blustone's updates to you all, so please enjoy our previews! 

Please note that the graphics below are still under development and are subject to change.


<Battle System Improvement>

In addition to the improvement to fight club introduced before, the battle system in the Expedition Area will also be improved.


- Speed and Tapping Improved

To freshen up Blustone's battle system, the speed and tapping within the battle will be improved. Check out the video below!



<UI Improvement>




There have been many players that have given feedback that the hunter attribute types and time limit were difficult to understand. The UI design will be reformed for a more intuitive understanding. The UI design will also be improved from the screenshot above!


<Fever Mode Added>



The fever mode will be added enhance the strategic nature of the battle. Fever mode is activated by successive attacks and the hunter will attack by itself while the fever mode is active. It is rumored that the attack rate increases with an adrenaline high!

It is said that a high-grade hunter could trigger something beyond a fever... could it be true?


<Stronger Enemies>




The enemies are starting to fight back! Monsters will be able to use skills as well. Fight strategically against the stronger enemies!


<State Effects>




Additional effects will be added to help understand what state your hunter is in.


<Ability Cost Changes>

Our hunters needed to spend "rage" to use their abilities thus far. The cost of some abilities will be increased, as some abilities apply to the entire team. Players will now have to take rage costs into careful consideration during their travels.

Rage can be used by all hunters, but this system will change to rage being accumulated individually. You will need to use all the hunters' skills at the right time for a victory.


<Open Excavation Association>

Have you been stressed out by Gullveig yelling at you to get out of the Excavation Association? Well this coming August, the Excavation Association will finally be open! The Excavation Area will be focused on cooperative play rather than a platformer. You will be able to borrow another Captain's hunter along with other cooperative elements.


<Ruins Exploration>

In the bitter cold lands, there are many undiscovered ruins. The Hunter Union is sending hunters to discover the secrets of these ruins.

You can expect more rewards in the ruins than in the Expedition Area. One of them is finding traces of hunters that have gone missing while exploring the ruins. You can only find a low rate of traces in open ruins, but the hunter grade of these traces will be high as the ruins are dangerous and scarce.


<Special Restricted Areas>

Do you remember the Cryogenic Abyss?

The abyss is dark, long, and increasingly dangerous. Each abyss has a different attribute and there will be greater rewards the further in you go. But because the abyss is so dangerous, the Hunter Union is keeping tabs of the entrance of the abyss. Each abyss will be available in certain days of the week with only one entrance allows per day.

The Cryogenic/Volcanic/Electric Abyss will be open in August with other types of the abyss as well.

There is also a rumor going around the Hunter Union that Captains will also be able to found associations as well, so please look forward to its news!


<Post Office Additional Functions>

There will be a function where you can send items through the post office, and you will even be able to send hunters! Now you can help other players through their journey! Please note that an additional delivery fee will be applied for such mails.


<Additional Assignments>

"Major Goals" will be added in addition to daily assignments! Unlike daily assignments, major goals have no time resets.


<Fling Lottery Mouse>

When you send Lottery Mouse away, you will be able to fling him away yourself.




Throw him far away praying for the hunter you want!



<Hunter Level Design Reform>

You will now be able to see your hunters' levels automatically in one glance.




<Add Transcendence System>

The transcendence system many of you are waiting for will also come soon.




Please check out our previously posted notice for more information: http://bs.visualshower.com/en/76819



<Add Hunter Request Mileage System>

We are grateful for your continued usage of Elite Requests, so we are adding a hunter request mileage system! Similar to our previous "Compliments of the Lottery Mouse" where you get an additional Elite Request, when spending ten Elite Requests, this time this system will be permanently implemented.


<New Regions>

Finally, there are talks of new regions being found beyond the Non-Melting Forest, so please look forward to your new journey!


Are you excited for our updates? We can't wait to release our updates and see what you think. We have even more updates for you in store, so please look out for our notices!


Thank you all for reading! :)