[Notice] Fight Club and Mirage Ruins Balance Changes Information

by Natara posted Jun 15, 2018

Hello everyone,


Currently, due to the Mirage Ruins and Fight Club's big balance changes many users are confused and have sent us many feedbacks through our Forums.


Although we have made a notice about the update direction in the past, a lot of time has passed since then, so we believe that our specific intentions were not delivered to everyone clearly. Also, from the big structural change, we have confirmed and found some parts in the game structure we would like to fix, and we will be onto the improvement process soon.


<Aims of Fight Club Balance Changes>

Firstly, the aim of this change was to break down monotonous play of Fight Club. And we would like to further explain about our intentions for the new Fight Club structure.


Fight Club is a PVP content. In a basic PVP environment, a user's team battles with another team, and the outcome is based on one's team strength and structure strategy.

Also, in Fight Club there is a difference in Victory Points with Offense and Defense battles when winning or losing. And if the defense team you battle is significantly disadvantaged, then eventually, no one will be able to maintain their ranking. Therefore, the basic direction we aim for is that when two players have set an equal-leveled team, a similar outcome should result.


But, for Fight Club to function and for users to participate, it requires an active and strategic offense team's attack. To achieve this, the offense team needs to take some advantage. However, we believe that this advantage should be the difference that arises from the user's strategy rather than systematically being guaranteed with an absolute victory.

Currently, the FC system is structured so that you can increase your advantage by using the elemental advantage and by strategically using skills after understanding the defense team pattern.


Due to such characteristics of Fight Club, the purpose of this update was not to make the offense team more advantageous than the defense team. The emphasis was on the content of the play.


Fight Club before had been stuck on a monotonous play, by setting an offense team with 1 offense hunter and continuously healing it which mostly gave off normal tap attacks. So, this 1 offense player type of structure made the elemental advantage or the variety of offense team formations quite useless.


Also, the defense teams were starting to give up on attacking and skewing towards on focusing on enduring the longest time in response to the offense team structures. There was no other way for defense teams to win systematically unless by setting an extreme defense team with only healers or bombers.


As a result, the play of Fight Club has become increasingly tedious and long without any variables, and the timing and maximization of the recovery skills determined the win or loss. Due to that situation, users' strategy was becoming simplified over time, and the monotonous play was being repeated with no diversity in team composition. This kind of phenomenon is contrary to the initial intentions of Fight Club and will not be a good long-term direction.


In order to solve this problem, it was necessary to break down the offense hunter's frontline maintenance that was done through continuous recovery. This update focused on this part. To do this, both offense and defense teams needed an increase in the percentage the attacks take in FC and a decrease in the recovery percentage.


The result of this is that even offense teams cannot continuously give big damage by focusing on just attacking. Using an offense hunter with defense skills or using 2 offense hunters instead of going all-in on 1 offense would be better to give more damage continuously.

Also, before it was not possible to win by attacking for defense teams but now it is possible to win if you put some offense hunters in the defense teams. This also relates to what we have been continuously talking about in the balance improvement direction of the variety of hunter usage.


These are the changes we have intended, and currently, if you have set your teammate in that '1 offense hunter with healers' structure, you may lose your odds in winning and rankings because the advantage has been reduced. However, the current value of the hunter you have did not decrease. If you add a few hunters to your current team strategically, you will be able to regain your original rank/power in a short period.


Some of the update changes to Fight Club with the above intentions were applied as intended, but some were found to be problematic. Also, there were some issues that came back from this update, and we are working on quickly fixing these issues today.


<Fight Club Changes>

Fixed the Ratio of Earning Rage When Receiving Hits & When Hitting
- It has been determined that the current 1:1 ratio (when hitting: receiving 
hits) to earn rage was not evening out well.

- It was found that it undermines the value of hunters who hold the skill to make enemies not able to attack.

- We will edit the ratio to 1.5:0.5 level.


Slight Decrease of Defense Team's AP

- The defense team received the same attack correction value as the offense team, but this caused the offense team's striker to be too helpless to bombers on the defense team.

- The defense team needs to have considerable power to keep the value of bombers being on the team, but the current situation is somewhat problematic.

- To somewhat mitigate this problem, the defense team's attack power is going to be reduced a little.


Slight Weakening of Kain

- Kain has been recognized as the weakest hunter ever since it was added in July of last year and was strengthened greatly four times.

- Especially in the latest buffing, there was a considerable increase in the number of stats, so it was determined that it was excessive.

- As a result, it has been determined that some nerfing is difficult to avoid given the present situation.

- Kain's HP will decrease slightly (7%) but Kain's functional strengths (stun immunity, elemental resistance, high DP and blocking-related abilities) are maintained, so there is no change in the fact that he is still in the top defenders.


Increased Armor Penetration of Captain & Hidden Hunter

- Compared to the overall big damage increase, the fixed, increasing armor penetration characteristic did not have great impact in combats.

- The maximum armor penetration power (5th skill) will be increased from 10 to 20.


<Special Skill Adjustment by Character (will be applied next week)>

Dumble (June 15, 12PM GMT+9 Applied Correction)

- Dumble gave abnormally high damage because his 5th skill was not corresponding well.

- Adjusted to a normal level by adjusting the corresponding correction value.



- Natalia will be able to stop enemy's from using immunity for 10 seconds and penetrate enemy's immunity. This special effect is added to her Elegant Discipline.

-  After using Elegant Discipline, the additional attack that occurs by chance, she can ignore 50% of the enemy's DP.



- Gullveig's 5th skill (increase all team member's attacking speed) maximum is increased from 8.5% to 10%.



- Bear's 4th skill (recovery) that occurs by chance, the amount of healing will increase 20%.


<Fight Club Balance Changes Related Rewards>

It seems that we have caused a lot of confusion to users due to the changes in Fight Club balance. In order to make up for this, we will be compensating everyone with a small gift.

- 1500 Fight Chips

- 10 Challenge Invitations

- 10000 Rupees


<Mirage Ruins Related Changes>

The Mirage Ruins basic intentions were to make users experience a similar gameplay to PVP with control elements for those who avoided serious PVP. Therefore, applying the same balance values as Fight Club resulted in Mirage Ruins becoming too difficult with stronger enemies appearing.


To ease this situation, we have added a feature to heal teammates after battles but that wasn't enough. We have confirmed that even with that healing, it was confirmed that the level of difficulty was higher than necessary. Therefore, we will be applying the following balance adjustments below within today.


<Mirage Ruins Changes>

- After battling your team will heal 20% (15% -> 20% increase).

- The mirage hunters that appear in the previous floor their strength will be slightly decreased.

- But in the higher floors, the difficulty a slightly higher difficulty will be maintained.


<Mirage Balance Changes Related Rewards>

It has been determined that due to the Mirage Ruins balance changes and not being used to these, many people found it impossible to clear stages. In order to make up for this, we will compensate everyone with a little gift such as below.

- 300 Mirage Fragments

- 3 Metron Crystals

- 30 Metron Fragments


We will continue to supplement Fight Club and Mirage Ruins.

We hope for your feedback and interest.


<Sound and Stability Issues Notice>

Additionally, on this update, we have understood that there were problems with some sound effect and instability with manage friends page.


Both of these issues will be solved primarily later today with the urgent parts, and further fine-tuning will be updated in the next update version.


Thank you.