[Notice] v1.4.3.0 Update Preview (COMPLETE)

by Natara posted Jul 26, 2018

Hello, everyone!
The following are the patch notes for version which is coming this week.


<New Features>
- Increase in Automatic Fuel Charge When Levelling Up
It's been a while since Midgard first opened. During this time, the Excavation Association and many other features have been newly opened, requiring more fuel than ever before.
On this update, the max fuel amount that charges automatically (60 fuel) will slowly be increased every time your team levels up. The amount will be doubled based on level 99.


- Blacksmith's Shop Open
Eastfield is opening a Blacksmith's shop where you can upgrade your equipment and manage your Jewels. The offered features are the same as before but now you can directly go to Eastfield without going to the Hunter Gym. So, it's more convenient!


- Addition of SNS Share Feature
On top of Lottery Mouse's 3-star recruitment sharing feature, you will now also be able to share on SNS when you fish, advance, clear an area, win the lottery, and so on! 
How about sharing your best moments on Blustone with your friends?


- Save Sortie Team on Re-Entry of Mirage Ruins 
Now, the team you've just sent out to battle will automatically be set as the sortie team when you re-enter the Mirage Ruins.


- Addition of a 'Fish' Column for Sell Page  
Fishes will have a separate column on the 
sell page to prevent selling items by mistake.


- Addition of ★5 Jewel Mine Chatroom Announcement


- Improvement of Package Goods
Some package goods will have a fresh new look and new packages will be added for sale.


- Addition of Revenge Limit
Regardless of win or lose you will only be able to revenge only 1 time.


- Addition of a pop-up check when exiting fishing or touching the home button


<Bug Fixes>

- Fixed wrong locations of texts

- Game stability improvements


* Depending on iOS examination situation, the update schedule may vary.


Thank you.


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