[Notice] Update Preview (COMPLETE)

by Natara posted Sep 19, 2018

Hello Captains, Natara here.


Here are the details for update that will be launched this week.


<New Features>
- New Areas!
New Areas "West Forest Outskirts" and "Gray Valley" will be added. Therefore, 20 new stages will be added to the existing 170 stages. Main stories for the new areas will be added as well.


- Changes in Jewel Rewards in ★3 Hunter Search
As ★3 hunter search has turned into a rotation, each hunter will be assigned with a different type of jewel reward so that various types of jewel can be obtained evenly.


- Added new fate Diana & Heidi 
Diana & Heidi won the most number of votes and their fate will be newly added.


<Balance Adjustments>
- Karl Steiner Skill Balance Adjustment
Increased 2nd Skill Attack Speed (before max 30% > max 40%)
Increased 5th Skill Critical Attack Chance (before max 15% > max 20%)


- Papillon Balance Adjustment 
Increased Damage Reduction Block (Original 25 > 30)
Fixed the increase rate display error of the 3rd Skill Block Chance 
Fixed the glitch in Damage Reduction Block when using the 3rd Skill


<Bug Fixes>
- Fixed the issue of Lily & Lyla’s skill motion not playing completely


- Fixed the issue of particular words not being filtered in the General Chat


- Improved overall stability


*AOS update will be first available due to iOS verification process.

However, please note that the new stages and balance adjustments will only be implemented after the iOS update is complete.


Thank you.