[Notice] About Blustone 2 iOS Update

by Natara posted Nov 23, 2018

Hello, Natara here.


Currently, Blustone 2 version update is under the iOS verification process. However, for some reason, the verification process is taking much longer than usual, and therefore Blustone 2 upgrade for iOS is being delayed.


We have never expected this to happen, and currently, we are not aware of the exact causes of this delay.
We will give out another notice next Tuesday about the iOS verification process.


We are very well aware that many iOS users are eagerly waiting for Blustone 2, and we will put our best efforts to make Blustone 2 available as soon as possible. If the verification process finishes during the weekend, we will have it ready for the update immediately.


Also, we would like to compensate all the iOS users for the inconvenience with the following compensation rewards.


<Reward Detail>
- 30,000 rupees
- 200 fuel
- 50 Manda


We will strive to provide a better service.


Thank you.