[Notice] Teaser: The Hidden Wardrobe, ‘Boutique’ Coming Soon!

by Natara posted Dec 07, 2018

Hello, it’s Natara here!


We heard a very interesting news from the Hunter Union.


Lottery Mouse was exploring the neighboring regions as usual when he accidentally spotted an ‘ancient relic’.


The Hunter Union analyzed the ancient relic thoroughly and found that it resembled a wearable dress and that it was made with a much more advanced level of technology than the current Midgard standard. No special effect or ability has been discovered yet, however, its unique design and comfortable fit has led to its popularity among hunters as well as fashion designers. Therefore, as soon as Lottery Mouse discovers a piece, it gets sold out.


In order to produce these outfits independently, the Hunter Union invited the best technicians in the continent and as a result, they were able to officially announce the opening of a ‘Boutique’ in Midgard before the end of December!


Bonus: We managed to sneak some pictures of the outfits that will be released in December. Here you go!


image (11).png


We will continue to strive to provide a better service so that your time in Midgard would be more enjoyable!


Thank you.