[Notice] v2.0.5.0 Update Preview

by Natara posted Dec 21, 2018

Hello, this is Natara.

Here are the details of update which is coming soon.


<New Feature>
- Boutique
The outfit shop where your hunter can try on various ancient outfits is newly open!


 ; Boutique Update!
      With 2.0.5 update, “Boutique” has been added where you can buy and manage hunter outfits.
      2.0.5 update is required in order to access the Outfit and Boutique feature.
      You will be able to find the new Boutique building at the bottom right corner of the main screen.
      You can check all the current outfits of Midgard at Boutique.
      You can buy and try on the outfits at Boutique.
   ; Outfits
      There are 2 kinds of outfits: a normal outfit which can be obtained easily, and an ancient outfit which is harder to find.
      You can buy a normal outfit any time using Manda.
      There are 2 ways to get an ancient outfit.
         - Use a Boutique Ticket at Boutique
         - Get it by chance through the “Ancient Outfit Search Request” which will be open for a limited time at Lottery Mouse’s Suspicious Shop.
      The first "Ancient Outfit Search Request" will open today (Dec. 21st) at 18:00 (UTC+9).


   ; Boutique Ticket
      There are 3 ways to get the Boutique Ticket with which you can get an ancient outfit.
         - It can be purchased at Estelle’s Secret Shop using the Lottery Mouse Coin
         - 2 Boutique Tickets will be given if you pull 10+1 Ancient Outfit Search Request at Lottery Mouse’s Suspicious Shop. 
         - During the Ancient Outfit Search Request, if you get an ancient outfit that you already own, it will be replaced with a Boutique Ticket instead.


   ; Duplicate Outfit
      You can only own one outfit for each design. Therefore, if you get an outfit that you already own, it will be replaced with a different item with the same worth.
      During the “Ancient Outfit Search Request”, if you get an ancient outfit that you already own, it will be replaced with “1 Boutique Ticket” automatically.
      Afterward, if you get a normal outfit that you already own from an event, it will be replaced with Manda equivalent of 1/4 of its full price. 
   ; Ancient Outfit Restoration and Manufacturing Process
      A newly discovered brand new ancient outfit is very rare; therefore, it can only be obtained through Lottery Mouse’s chance-based search or by using a Boutique Ticket.

      However, thanks to the effort of Midgard technicians, most of the newly discovered outfits can be analyzed and manufactured in about three months.
      The manufactured ancient outfits can be purchased any time at Boutique using Manda.
      But it will cost more Manda to buy the manufactured ancient outfit than the normal outfit because they are made with high-priced material.


- New Episode 9 Update


<Bug Improvement>
- Improved chatting filters
- Fixed the issue of the reward Manda not being displayed in the Previous League Results in Fight Club
- Improved game stability


※ The date of update for iOS may be changed depending on its verification process.

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