[Notice] Tell us your opinion on the "Server Combination!"

by VSpang posted Jul 25, 2019


Hello! Natara is here!
I have come to listen to our Captains' opinions today.
The topic is “Server Combination!”
There are two servers, Midgard and Alfheimr, in Blustone.
Both servers have the same fundamental environment. However, systems such as chatting, Fight Club, etc. are operated separately.
In the case of Midgard, which was the first server to be released, there is a huge population with veteran Captains of high specs.
In the case of Alfheimr, which was the recent server to be released, there is a lower population. However, new Captains are participating actively.
So, it is true that our Captains are feeling a different in-game environment despite both servers being operated under the same fundamental environment. Also, a lot of you have sent us opinions about server combination.
Thus, we have come to listen to your opinions more closely!
Of course, the server combination isn't a settled issue, and there isn't a fixed time do make a final decision.
We are here to ask your opinion, and even if a lot of Captains have suggested for the server combination, it might be difficult to put it into practice for several reasons. Sob sob...
However, we would love to hear your opinion so that we can think about the server combination in more depth.
Please leave us any comments about the server combination such as advantages, disadvantages, things to consider, etc.! The comments can be repetitive or short. However, we'd sincerely appreciate the opinion suitable for the topic!
P-Please do not fight, Captains!
Then, we will be looking forward to some good and precious opinions!


Thank you.