[New] Fight Club Manual Play Information

by Natara posted Dec 01, 2017

Hello everyone,


We have got a few opposing opinions about the Fight Club’s matching system after today’s new update and would like to explain why we have added this function. 


Blustone now has an automatic matching system in Fight Club in order to reduce group abusing and attacking. Our original plan was to release the activation of manual player and automatic Fight Club matching system together. However, manual attacking in Fight Clubs will be available in the next update as we needed more time to improve balance modification. This is why we have released only the automatic matching system in today’s update. The issues that many Hunters have had with the Fight Club (Arena) will be resolved in the next update with the new manual player function. 


Fight Club manual player explanation:


Firstly, the matching system will remain the same, but the player can choose between a manual or automatic combat before participating in the battle. If you select manual player you can tap attack and use the replacement skill in the same way you have at a normal stage play, so you can have more flexibility in battling your opponent's team. 
In addition to the manual player, the automatic system is supported in the new update to reduce the repeated fatigue of using Fight Club. 

The expected date for manual player in Fight Club is December 15th. We will give a notice in the future if there are any changes to the date. 


We are working on giving you the next update as soon as we can with no discomfort in Fight Club matches.


Thank you.