[Notice] Fight Club Update Schedule & Features

by VSpang posted Jun 09, 2017

Hello, everyone!


We've received numerous feedback from our players regarding the Fight Club, and there are a lot of points that we agreed with and points that we felt disappointed with along with our players.


So, we would like to introduce to you our plans to update the Fight Club. There will be new features and changes to the current features, so please read our schedule carefully.


The information below includes updates that will be released with version that will be released this week and version that will be released in the near future.


[Revenge Match to be Added]

You will be able to revenge someone you've lost against in a Defensive Match. The revenge match consists of the same rules as a regular match and will receive the same rewards as a result.



[Friendly Match to be Added]

You will be able to propose a friendly match no matter your rank to your friends. You will need no Challenge Invitation but will not receive any points as a result. We will also be adding an announcement of the friendly match in the chat box if the two players are in the same chat channel.



[Display League Rank in Chat Box]


We will update the display in the chat box so that your league rank will be shown along with your profile picture. Your rank will reset with the start of a new league season.



[Fight Club Time Extention]


The current time limit in the Fight Club Arena is 60 seconds. When the 60 seconds end, it will be seen as an unsuccessful attack and the defensive team will automatically win. However, as 5-star teams increase, the battle times has also been increasing. Therefore, it will be difficult to win against a defensive team unless your offensive team is more powerful and as an elemental advantage.


This problem will not be an issue when we add tapping and using skills within the Fight Club, but this is a problem that can't be put off until those updates, so we will be increasing the Fight Club time limit to 90 seconds temporarily.



[League Reconfiguration: Soft Reset and League Duration]

Currently, we are distributing rewards every Sunday night at 24:00 (GMT +9) with the end of leagues based on your rank. But the League Points that determines one's rank does not change as the league ends. Because of this, the gap between experienced players and new players will continue to increase and will be very difficult to catch up to the top. We will introduce a soft reset system to address this issue.

We are introducing this new system to prevent the gap between new and old players from becoming too large. With the next update, a player's League Point will be lowered from their previous league season with the following equation:


(Previous League Points + 1000 Points) / 2


                With this implementation, the gap will be shortened in the beginning of a new season. Because everybody's league points will be decreased proportionally, your initial seasonal rank will be the same as that of your previous league season.

                We will also transition to a weekly league system to accompany this update. You will receive a league reward at the end of every Sunday and along with your points being reset.

                Currently, the experienced players are around 3600 points and the last 500th ranked players are around 1500 points. There is a difference of 2100 points, so a new player would need to win 105 games to climb to the top. With the implementation of the new soft reset, the new top scores will be around 2300 points and the lower scores will be at 1250 points. The gap has been decreased and it is now more realistically possible for a new player to climb up to the top ranks.

                Our current top players may not like this system, but we hope you understand that we will require consistent attention to your Fight Club teams and build your team according to their power and elements.



[Fight Club Reconfiguration Schedule]

What we'll introduce next is a major change in the Fight Club beginning from version

Our final goal is to conduct battles in the Fight Club as you would in the Expedition Area.



With our future updates, the following features will be added:

- Tap attacks available

- Active skills available

- Teammate switching available

With these new features, the controls within the Fight Club and team building will be increasingly important. The use of active skills will also be a key point during battles. Furthermore, the roles of Helpers and Bombers will be much more important. We will fix Akasha's skill bug (mentioned in a previous notice) and consistent damages that are currently not being displayed along with the updates.



[Fight Club New Feature Schedule]

The last feature we would like to introduce is the Blustone close-combat, real-time battles.


​Once we have implemented all of the features mentioned above, we plan to update to be able to battle in real-time for Bluetooth-enabled devices.

We would be happy to share more information with your regarding our updates once we have set our plans in stone.


We are excited to introduce these changes to you and we hope you look forward to the ever-improving Blustone.


Thank you!