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[Notice] Equipment Update Information   [24]

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    Have a good day!

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    Good day, Captains of Midgard!



    ※ If the connection is unstable or you cannot see the Equipment images, please update the app from the market.


    Midgard hunters can finally use Equipment! It is a newly added system, so we know that everyone is bursting with questions. We would like to give more detailed information through this notice.


    Firstly, there are two things you need to understand “Upgrade Equipment” and “Upgrade Jewels.” The “Upgrade Equipment” is upgrading or enhancing the original ability of the equipment. And “Upgrade Jewels” is for enhancing unique characteristics by mounting them to the equipment. The Jewels upgrading feature will be applied on the next version and is scheduled to be updated within 1 or 2 weeks.


    So, let’s see what upgrading Equipment is all about!


    First, what is Equipment?
    - There are 3 types of unique equipment that a hunter wears.
    - It consists of Weapons, Armor, and Accessories. 
    - Each Equipment cannot be replaceable and can be upgraded individually.


    What is Equipment upgrade?
    - Upgrading each Equipment’s ability makes a hunter stronger.
    - To upgrade Equipment, you need rupees and a Toolbox.
    - But, the maximum upgrading level depends on the five-level modification level.
    - You can easily get Toolboxes by playing in Mirage Ruins
    - Additionally, you can buy them from Mirage Shop or Manda Shop.
    ** In the future, you can acquire equipment modification materials instead of skill training materials.  


    What is Equipment modification?
    - When the equipment upgrade level is 10, 20, 30, 40, it can be modified.
    - When modifying equipment, the equipment ability increases, and it expands the maximum upgrading level higher.
    - To modify Equipment, you need modification-specific materials instead of Toolboxes.
    - Modification materials require different materials depending on the element of the hunter.
         Fire: Flammable Material / Ice: Coolant / Electricity: Lightning Box
    - Modification materials are available when you clear stage 3, 6, 9 in Mirage Ruins.
    - Additionally, you can buy them from Mirage Shop or Manda Shop.


    What are the Equipment slots for?
    - Currently, you can not use the slots for mounting a "Jewels" which will be updated in the future.
    - Unlike Equipment, Jewels can be detached and have their own unique abilities, so you can enhance each of your hunters in the direction you want.
    - The equipment has one slot as default, and if you modify it twice, a second slot will be available.
    - Jewels are classified into five classes. The higher the class, the more power it has.
    - The class of Jewels is determined at the time of acquisition, and the class itself cannot be changed.

    That’s all for now about the Equipment update on Blustone. We hope for your interest in Equipment, a new way to strengthen your hunters! We will give you more information about Jewels soon through our news notice.

    Thank you.

    • Jakyl 2018.06.21 15:18
      Just got a blank circle in ruins but its not in my inventory anywhere.
    • Jette 2018.06.21 16:02
      Like Jakyl, I'm getting blank green circles where the I'm assuming toolboxes and/or modifications should be. No blank green circles appear in my inventory either.
    • Natara 2018.06.21 18:22
      Hello, can you please try updating the app directly from the app store? Thank you.
    • OvenToastJam 2018.06.21 19:38
      Open up your wallets boys. This is a huge rupee/material dump. Or even (manda) if you cant wait the months of grinding equipment materials.
    • Jng 2018.06.21 19:40

      I have updated the app, and collected toolboxes from mirage ruins, but even after restarting the app I still have 0 toolboxes when I try to upgrade equipment past level 2
    • BlueBolt14 2018.06.21 20:41
      It was odd
    • CandyBread 2018.06.22 02:45
    • Wongy 2018.06.22 04:00
      So does upgrading AP item increase healers' healing?
    • Pleb1 2018.06.22 05:20
      But the equipment room is still blocked...
    • DreamerofTime 2018.06.22 09:15
      When I go to look at anything involving equipment, It says I can only involve equipment with hunters if they are 4 star. Disappointing.
    • Sans21 2018.06.22 10:19
      I cant wait
    • rolando22 2018.06.22 10:23
      I got tool boxes but I couldn't find them
    • Izathiel 2018.06.22 13:55
      Finally! Something I can use all the rupee tickets I've saved on!
    • BabyRem 2018.06.22 14:12
      I cant find my toolbox or any items to upgrade my equipment. Where should i look for them?
    • katuki 2018.06.23 07:51
    • KhaiTom 2018.06.24 01:30
    • Vonhunter 2018.06.24 04:14
      I didn't get the equipment or toolbox. :(
    • Xaria 2018.06.24 04:46
      I too have gottten the blank circles and they are not in my inventory. I have updated the game to the latest version, but it will not let me into the equipment shop. It keeps telling me "this will be updated in the future." Sooooo, is this a bug or something?
    • Wongy 2018.06.24 13:36
      So if I want to upgrade healer's healing, will upgrading equipment increase healing? Which one? The AP?
    • Arza 2018.06.29 04:24
      My blank circles are now items now that I finally updated. Thank you for the tip, Natara!
    • Endurable 2018.06.30 23:02
      How do you get to equipment ? I haven't played in a long time
    • Fraudd 2018.07.06 11:16
    • Lila_26 2018.07.06 16:41
      COOL UPDATE!!!
    • Searson 2018.07.07 04:46
      Kain nerf pls

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