[Notice] Finding Missing Hunter Content Introduction

by VSpang posted Aug 21, 2017

Hello, everyone, VSpang here.


With the introduction of the Excavation Association, we've announced that the finding hunters feature is to be released in August, but have yet to explain what this entails. We are here today to explain more about this feature.


During excavations, there are some hunters that go missing. They display unexplained behavior where they are caught up in the ruins, attacking other hunters considering them as intruders.

When the hunter gets lost, the Excavation Association puts up a missing person's notice, and the hunter team that explores the ruins with the missing hunter can gain their traces.


Finding hunters is divided into two types.




The first is that there will always be two hunters registered under the Excavation Association. There are no restrictions in entering except for fuel. The registered hunters will change every 2 weeks.




The second is finding hidden missing hunters. You can find secret ruin entrances while clearing Expedition Areas and the discoverer of the ruins and the first 10 people to get to the ruins have 1 chance to enter and clear the ruins. The discoverer can receive more traces when they invite more of their friends to join, so they must deliver this news to as many friends as possible.




The method in clearing the missing hunter ruins is different than that of ordinary Expedition Areas. Discovering hunters is composed of one long battle. The battle is composed of a total of 10 levels (waves) and the more waves you clear, the more hunter traces you receive.




  The battle boss will be the missing hunter. Unlike other area bosses, they will also be able to use their skills. After a certain amount of time while fighting the boss, the boss will start to use their skills. You can confirm their skill gauge rising below their health bar. Each boss uses different skills, so different counterattacks will be necessary.


We hope you look forward to this additional content.

Thank you for reading!