[Notice] Blustone 2 Grand Opening Event Issues

by Natara posted Nov 29, 2018

Hello, it’s Natara at your service!


This is a notice about the frequently reported issues that are associated with the ‘Captain’s 7-Day Mission’ and ‘Manda Use Rewards Event’.


Currently, there is a total of 3 issues associated with the events.


- Captain’s 7-Day Mission: All users cannot claim particular rewards even after meeting the requirements.


- Captain’s 7-Day Mission: iOS users cannot exchange the Event Points with the rewards.


- Manda Use Rewards Event: iOS users cannot claim the rewards.


We are currently in the process of resolving all three issues so that every user can claim their rewards. 


Also, don’t worry about losing the rewards! If the issues remain unresolved until November 30th at 15:00 (UTC+9), we will keep the event pages open for a longer time. 


We will continue to work hard so that your time in Midgard may be more comfortable!


Thank you.