[Notice] Forum Usage Policies

by VSpang posted Aug 29, 2017

Hello, this is VSpang.


The forum usage policy will be changed based on our policies for a more enjoyable community.


<Forum Basic Policies>

- It is the user's free will to use our forums. However, to maintain order in the community and for a healthy atmosphere, violation of the rules of use may result in deletion or quarantine of posts without prior notice.

- When a post is deleted or quarantined, the writer will be notified of the action through the mailbox.


<Forum Integration>

- The current "Feedback" and "Support" sections will be combined into the "Support" section.


<Forum Restrictions>

- Meaningless or spamming posts

- Posts that blame specific political affiliations, politicians, or posts about politics

- Impersonation of the management team or any similar actions (i.e. including GM in the nickname)

- Adult material, adult ads, and other sexually suggestive posts

- Posting personal information whether it be regarding yourself or another

- When request for removal of content is sent by another organization

- Advertisement, publicity, or content with unclear sources

- Attempts to make purchase transactions of accounts or items

- Acts that interfere with business activities due to harm or defamation of the company of service

- Attempting to share your account with someone else

- Attaching viruses or sharing illegal files (illegal apk files, sharing hack methods or crack, copyrighted material such as movies)

- Post with an inappropriate external URL link

- Inconvenience to other users (judged by the management)

- Posts offensive to others, such as profanity, criticism, or mockery (judged by the management)


<Restriction Details>

- First Offense: Delete post and send warning

- Second Offense: Delete post and banned from forums for 7 days

- Third Offense: Delete post and banned from forums for 30 days

- Fourth Offense: Delete post and permanently banned from forums



- Forum posts may be added / modified / deleted depending on the situation.

- In addition to the points mentioned above, inappropriate posts may be deleted and quarantined without prior notice according to the management's judgment.

- For inquiries of the game, please use the [Support] section.

- The restrictions above apply to all sections of the forum.


Thank you.