[Notice] Stimpack and Fever Gauge Bug Reward

by VSpang posted Jan 23, 2019

Hello Captains, this is VSpang.


We would like to thank all Blustone users for their love and support.


Some time ago, we received multiple inquiries from users about seeing the Auto/Tap effect instead of the Stimpacks and Fever Gauge.


Thanks to your reports, we were able to examine and fix the issue, and now the Stimpacks and Fever Gauge can be checked as usual.


We would like to compensate the users who experienced discomfort through this process.


<Reward Content>
- 100 Stimpacks


<Reward Supply Period> 
The rewards will be sent starting from Jan. 23rd, 2019 (UTC+9) in consecutive order. 


We would like to apologize to all users for the inconvenience and we promise to provide a better service.


We will continue to put our best efforts so that your time in Midgard would be more enjoyable!


Thank you.