[Update] New Content! The "Guild Blitz" Notice

by Natara posted Aug 16, 2019



Hello Captains, this is Natara!


Today, I'm here to introduce the new content our Captains have anticipated!

It's time for the "Guild Blitz!"


The "Guild Blitz" is a fight between the Guilds to get the new Metron Strip Mine that was found around the Midgard Snowfields recently.


Make the best use of the hunters you have promoted until now to claim the possession of the Metron Strip Mine and the rewards accordingly.


Prepare your strongest hunters to have the glorious honor and rewards!


Also, there needs to be a certain number of Captains making a Participation Request to join the Guild Blitz!

Until the Guild Blitz update, make sure to organize the Guild and gather the Guild Members for a huge benefit.


We will continue to come back with the details of the "Guild Blitz" through our News.


We hope our Captains will look forward to the new contents, the "Guild Blitz" that will be updated soon!


Thank you.