[News] Explanation of 12/23 Server instability After Update

by Natara posted Jan 03, 2018

Hello this is Natara.


Some of you may remember about two weeks ago on the 23rd of December the server was very unstable which prevented users from playing the game normally.
We have found the issue 
in the server to be related to the delay of the users’ data retrieving process. 


Therefore, because we have caused inconvenience for several hours to many users we will be issuing compensation to all.


<Eligible Subjects of Compensation>
To all users who have struggled to play
 the game on December 23rd after the update.


<Compensation Contents>
20 Veteran Points 
350 Fuel 
7,000 Rupees
10 Metron Fragments
2 Stimpacks


<Date of Issuing>
4th of January, 2018 (GMT+9) 


Thank you.