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[News] Mirage Ruins Notice (applies when you update the app!)   [29]

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    Hello everyone in Midgard!


    Recently, you may recall that the Hunter Union has discovered  <Mirage Ruins>. 
    And after this new discovery, the ruins entrance was under construction so that hunters could explore this place.




    At last, today! The construction has completed and you will now be able to enter and explore the Mirage Ruins!


    We will release the information that the Hunter Union has been gathering so far about things we have to be cautious about when entering the extremely dangerous Mirage ruins. The information is as follows.

    About Mirage Ruins?
    It has not been discovered yet how deep the Mirage Ruins are and how far you can go.
    The enemies that pop in and out of the Mirage Ruins look exactly like the hunters in Midgard and the further down you go into the ruins the stronger the enemies get.
    You will be able to collect more Mirage Fragments the stronger your enemies are.


    How to Enter!

    You can enter the Mirage Ruins by going to the Excavation Association where Gullveig is. You will get an entrance notice when you clear above stage 27 in the general stages. And after you have cleared that you will be able to enter the Mirage Ruins by clicking on Gullveig's third option "I want to challenge the Mirage Ruins!"




    Sortie Team

    You can take all your hunters that you have to challenge the Mirage Ruins.
    If you have many of the same hunters only the strongest one out of them can be taken to go on a sortie. Once you decide which one you will take, it will be fixed to that hunter, until you have cleared the ruins.


    Assigned Floors 

    It is said that the Mirage Ruins are assigned according to the average combat power of your team. And if you clear the entire battles in the floor you are on and re-enter then you will move to a deeper level. If you fail to clear that level then you will move slightly higher to the surface. The deeper the layer, the stronger the rewards will be, but it is better to be well-prepared for a readmission as the mirage hunters will be stronger too.


    Stage Structure of Mirage Ruins

    The Mirage Ruins' first ground is composed of three battles between the floors 1 to 20, 21 to 40 with six battles, 41 and above with 9 battles. 

    The level of difficulty varies considerably with the higher number of battles, so there is a significant difference in the volume of prizes. Strengthen your team and clean up the mirage sites every day to receive a bigger reward as soon as possible!

    Ruins Battle
    The mirage ruins are going to be 5 vs 5 battle strategy.
    As you are conquering the ruins, the strength consumed during the battle of the level in 
    process, your health is not recovered due to the ruin’s power. Also, when your hunter completely passes out that hunter will no longer be able to fight.


    Recover the Fainted Hunter (Update Coming Soon)

    It is possible to recover a hunter that has passed out and can no longer battle in the Mirage Ruins using Manda to offer a limited-use of a first aid kit. The first aid will return a hunter's HP and can be immediately put into the next battle. 

    The ruins will reset once a day, at 
    12:00AM each day.
    When you click the restart button you will be able to enter the ruins again, but when you are just re-entering to a level you made progress on this data will reset from the start. So please be aware of that.

    Mirage Market
    Mirage fragments will be used as the currency for Mirage Market.
    We suggest you collect Mirage Fragments to get your hands on special and valuable items!
    The Mirage Market items will automatically reset every day at 
    12:00AM, and the maximum times you can reset with purchase is 3 times.

    New 4★ Hunter, Harley's Traces

    While there are many useful products in the mirage market, Harley's trace is a special item that can only be obtained in the mirage market. Harley is a powerful 4-star, ice-defender and will not be able available through Lottery Mouse's draw in the future, but only through the mirage market.

    Active Hunters
    A minority of hunters will get the Mirage Ruin’s mysterious powers and be stronger than usual
    While they are in the ruins they will be able to activate more power and this power will alternate to different hunters every few days.
    Strategy Status
    The level where your strategy is in 
    process and the highest level you have cleared will be displayed.
    When viewing the strategy status you will be able to see your friends’ highest level reached.
    How about competing with your friends to go to the most challenging ruins?


    Thank you.

    • Jack_Pyroy 2018.04.11 16:44
      OMG, this sounds so awesome!!! Must try it immediately!!! Or at least after the maintenance.
    • Vhsnjc 2018.04.11 21:41
      If I have multiple copies of the same hunter, what does it mean by the strongest hunter? For some reason, although I have a 5* Nene, and a few 3* Nenes, I can only pick the 3* one. Is this a bug?
    • xSorrow 2018.04.11 22:35
      I can confirm that too i cant use lantern and diana . Only the 3* versions of them
    • Katomaru 2018.04.12 01:04
      I'm you probably already know this but a bunch of us are starting at really high levels like 140 and can't progress after stage 9>.>
    • UrielSR 2018.04.12 22:02
      theres only 9 stages per floor, and u can only do one floor every 24h. ths starting floor depends on your hunters.
    • UrielSR 2018.04.12 01:39
      I havent had any issue using my Nenes and Lantern despite having 3star versions of them, but i hope they fix the issue asap.
    • Baro 2018.04.12 01:57
      So the max level is 9 ?
    • NinjaSwag 2018.05.06 00:03
      No, there is 9 stages but multiple floors, after beating the nine stages you will go up a floor, that is how it works
    • Mittoju 2018.04.12 14:16
      I though you fix FC in dumble and 75 seconds?
    • Dylas 2018.04.12 14:52
      Mittoju that's for the next update
    • Esgalawarden 2018.04.12 15:25
      Yaaay its so fun. Thx Vs.
    • zoinks 2018.04.12 17:03
      I cant see the option for mirage ruins even tho I am on lvl 100 in general stages ? Someone please help
    • DeathGun47 2018.04.12 23:03
      U might have to update the game
    • MelissaDC 2018.04.12 19:07
      Well I can’t see? When I talk w Gull,I really cant see Mirage ruins
    • KWAKWA 2018.04.12 19:49
      I have the same problem
    • Fukurama 2018.04.12 19:58
      You have to manually update via the appstore
    • Icef 2018.04.13 06:34
      So when are the ruins going away? If I get around 400 of the triangles every day, it’ll take 40 days to get Harvey.
    • Lhone88 2018.04.13 12:02
      Wow . There are more new games and updates on the app . Congratulations..... I really like that.
    • Swedcarp 2018.04.13 13:54
      Sooo the new Gullveig dialogue is fine and all. However, I second the “how long is it running?” question..... and also, ...you couldn’t have throw in a few more stages with the update? 9=too few ..... Like it though!

      Want fishing!
    • Insaner 2018.04.13 14:58
      Folks! I just realized i got trolled so hard! LOL! When I first saw 3 Kain 5 stars then I was like...well Im f*cked! But then I kill them 1 by 1 just with 1 Nene!! They look like a deathmatch team in PvP but NO!! They weak like butter!! What a bluff XD!!! You totally got me there! And I cant expect 10 stages could be that fast... Good and funny event.
      P/s: Im not gonna get that lame batman though. Not a single piece of trace!
    • MiniAngel 2018.04.16 00:16
      Well, if you dont like him for whatever reason, I still suggest that you get him for the bonus stat.
    • Leaf1023 2018.04.15 10:59
      Is it possible to go to an easier level? I keep getting levels that are too hard for me.
    • Natara 2018.04.17 11:37
      Hello, if you were not able to clear the level, then the next time you enter you will be on a level 1 number lower moving to an easier level. Thanks.
    • Nbion 2018.04.22 05:10
      Make ruins easier. Its become trash after update
    • Wongy 2018.04.24 14:19
      This is actually Fun and challenging. Kudos! But a suggestion: Allow a hunter to recover a little if you don't use him or her for a round. But hey, this is a wonderful update.
    • 3nigma 2018.04.27 11:39
      I'm sorry i accidentally reported a comment here, please ignore it
    • Hajratura 2018.04.29 08:14
    • USER2D0704 2018.05.09 14:32
    • USER2D0704 2018.05.09 14:32

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