[Notice] New Hunter Acerola Preview!

by VSpang posted Jul 28, 2017

Hello, Captain!


You new lightning-type helper, Acerola, will be coming to Midgard soon!



"Oh! Are you okay? Tell me if you're hurt. I'll introduce you to a good medicinal herb!"


Acerola has always been introverted and likes to wander in the forest alone picking flowers and herbs rather than playing with others. Many thought she was an eccentric character, but Acerola's interest in plants became deeper and deeper.

This strange and ordinary girl became widely-known as a plague swept through a town. She treated the sick back to well-being with her herbs and people knew her as a great help with her knowledge of plants. It was then when Acerola was nicknamed the botanist.


Acerola is a lightning-elemental helper who treats the team with her knowledge in herbs. Her drugs can heal as well as temporarily increase critical strike chances for teammates in the frontline and increase elemental defenses for the entire team.


Acerola is a 2-star hunter available through Elite Requests or by traces from July 31st.


Thank you for your interest in Acerola!