[Notice] Patch Notes Preview

by Natara posted Aug 22, 2018

Hiya everyone.


The following are the patch notes for version which is planned to be updated soon.


<New Features>

- Better Blocking Feature

The blocking function will be improved. You will not receive mail from users you have blocked.


- Improved Dispatch Tutorial


<Balance-Related Changes>

- Natalia

1st skill continuous damage will be increased 10% from before

5th skill to reduce enemy's block damage reduction rate will be strengthened

(Previously, reduce 8% per sec., max 40% when carried on for 5 sec. -> reduce 10% per sec., max 50% when carried on for 5 sec.)


- Edward

1st skill damage will be strengthened (16% increase from before)

4th skill activation chances will be increased, and immunity duration time is longer

(activation chances – before 35% -> 50%, duration time – before max 3 sec. -> 4 sec.)

5th skill his own damage reduction block's stat will be increased (before max 25% -> 35%)


- Bear

In Bear's basic stats, damage reduction block will be increased (from 40% -> 50%)


- Santa Clauster

In Santa's basic stats, his HP and ATK will be increased

1st skill damage will be increased 20% from before

5th skill max CRIT ATK Chance will be higher (before max 15% -> 20%)


- Santa Girl Rebecca

Small increase in basic stats HP, ATK, DEF

1st skill damage will be increased 20% from before

5th skill CRIT DMG increase will be higher (before max 60% -> 80%)


<Bug Fixes>

- Fixed the issue of some sounds not playing during battle


- Fixed the issue where the reward fuel after team level up did not update immediately


- Game stability improvements


<Upcoming Update Preview>

- Preview of Search-Related System Changes

Currently, the ★3 hunter search runs for a limited time on a 2-week basis with 2 selected hunters. Because of this, there was a problem where it was difficult to participate if the hunter configuration or the remaining time was vague. To sort this problem, there will be hunters who always appear without a time limit on search.


- Addition of Equipment Boost Stats

A new boost stat will be added to hunter's equipment.

When all equipment is upgraded to 2nd grade, this will activate 1 boost stat fixed per equipment, and when upgrading each time, that stat will also increase as well.

The organization of equipment boost stats depends on the role or element of a hunter.

But in some cases, special stats may be given depending on the hunter.


Thank you.