[Notice] Special Missing Hunters

by VSpang posted Sep 07, 2017

Hello, everyone!


We would like to introduce to you the special missing hunter feature to you coming after the v1.1.3.0 update, scheduled to be released on September 9th. Please keep this information in mind during your Midgard travels!


There are certain hunters that go missing time to time during excavations. For an unknown reason, these missing hunters get caught up in the ruins. These hunters that have lost their minds will regard exploring hunters as intruders and attack without warning.


Although the Hunter Union puts up a notice when a hunter goes missing, it is impossible for the Union to know if a hunter is missing when they've disappeared in a deeper hidden place. These secret entrances can only be found by chance during an expedition.


These special areas can be explored for 1 hour by the discoverer of the ruins and their 10 friends once. The discoverer earns more prizes as more hunters participate, so they must invite as many hunters as possible.


Similar to the missing hunters content, the special missing hunters are also comprised of waves of enemies. The more waves you clear, the more rewards you earn. However, the monsters from these ruins are much stronger, so hunters need to take extra caution when they go in.


The hunters you may obtain through these special ruins are as follows:

- Lightning offense, Karl Steiner

- Fire offense, Hermes

- Ice defense, Nene

- Fire defense, Athena


Thank you for reading!