[Update] Awakened Hunter Balian Addition!

by Natara posted Jan 14, 2021



Hello, Captains of Midgard! Natara is here!


The seventh awakened hunter, ★1 Lightning Offense Balian will be newly added. What abilities will he show us?


Listed below are the details for the newly awakened hunter.  


<Date of Addition>

January 14th


<Newly Awakened Hunter>

Balian, the Wandering Swordsman


<Hunter Introduction>

Awakened Balian.jpg


Balian, the Thunderbringer

An Offense with a skill that randomly deals great damage to the enemy and protects himself with immunity.


Spin Attack

Attacks the enemy by spinning the sword. Deals great damage to the frontline enemy.

- Deals great damage to the frontline enemy


Reckless Dash

Deals a sudden dash attack that is difficult to respond to. Temporarily gets in the state of immunity and weakens the enemy's defense.

- Immunity up to 3 seconds

- Weakens the frontline enemy's defense up to 30% for 4.5 seconds


Offensive Instincts

The offense instinctively concentrates on attacking the enemy.

- Balian's Attack increases up to 15% when the battle starts



Randomly collects the power of electricity and slices the enemy at a stroke. Deals great damage and reduces the enemy's rage gauge by 2.

- Deals great damage to the frontline enemy

- Reduces the enemy's Rage Gauge by 2



Balian's reckless swordsmanship reduces the enemy's block chance. Thanks to the protection of the Thunder Sword, Balian's damage reduction increases greatly.

- Reduces the frontline enemy's Block Chance up to 30% during battle

- Balian's Damage Reduction increases up to 30%


We will continue to do our best to make sure you enjoy your time in Midgard!


Thank you.