[Update] Awakened Hunter Gerard Addition!

by Natara posted Feb 25, 2021



Hello, Captains of Midgard! Natara is here!


The ninth awakened hunter, ★2 Ice Defense Gerard will be newly added. What abilities will he show us?


Listed below are the details for the newly awakened hunter.  


<Date of Addition>

February 25th


<Newly Awakened Hunter>

Gerard, the Invincible One


<Hunter Introduction>

Awakened Gerard.jpg


Gerard, the Indomitable Warrior

A Defense who grows stronger as the battle prolongs. Has a very high maximum HP and removes harmful effects every second.


Fearless Full Swing

Freezes and strikes the frontline enemy without hesitation. Deals great damage and weakens the enemy's attack.

- Deals great damage to the frontline enemy

- Frontline enemy’s Attack weakens up to 25% (maintained until deactivation)


Frost Explosion

Stuns the frontline enemy with great impact and reduces 1 rage gauge.

- Stuns the frontline enemy up to 2.5 seconds

- Enemy's Rage Gauge decreases by 1


Impregnable Defense

Defender requires a strong resistance in order to protect their team.

- Defense increases up to 15% when the battle starts


Indomitable Shout

Randomly gives off a loud shout to draw power when using a skill. Recovers HP and strengthens attack and defense.

- Recovers 20% of the maximum HP

- Attack strengthens up to 15% (maintained until deactivation)

- Defense strengthens up to 15% (maintained until deactivation)


Indomitable Warrior

As the Indomitable Warrior, Gerard has a very high HP and removes his own harmful effects every second. Also, his defense cannot be weakened.

- HP increases up to 25% when the battle starts

- Immunity to Defense Weakening and Defense Decrease by Half effects

- Automatically removes Harmful Effects every second


We will continue to do our best to make sure you enjoy your time in Midgard!


Thank you.