[Notice] v1.1.9 Patch Notes

by VSpang posted Nov 09, 2017


Hello, everyone!


The following are the patch notes for version 1.1.9.


<New Features>

- Temporarily added new Fight Club system in friendly matches

A new battling system where you can manually attack will be temporarily available.

This system will be applied in friendly matches and will have a 1~2 week adjustment period.

Please note that during this adjustment period, various hunter balance adjustments can be applied.

In addition, to prevent spamming within the chat box, there will be no friendly match announcements during the adjustment period.


- Added skill animation skip option

You can now choose to skip skill animations.

When you choose to skip the animations, a part of the animation will not be shown but there will be the same skill effect.


- Added Fight Club friend rank confirmation

You can now see the ranks of you and your friends.


- Increase menu area to facilitate choosing options


- Improved Victory page to display the results better


<Bug Fixes>

- Improved town loading speed

- Edited to show a default flag when there is no country information

- Fixed malfunctions happening by chance when logging out

- Fixed Excavation Association notification malfunctioning

- Fixed hunter being pushed backward during battles

- Improved game stability


<Next Update Preview>

- Official release of Fight Club’s new system

- Introduce Fight Club tier system

- Add poke system

- Add environmental animation in stage selection page


Thank you for your interest!