[Preview] Conquerors of the Void

by VSpang posted Jun 21, 2017

New conquerors of the void!


We unveil the new hunters coming soon to Midgard!



Athena, the Flame of the Battlefield

"There is no victory in dishonor!"

Athena's reputation is legendary as she's fought on countless battlefields since her childhood. With a robust body unique to the Polar Bear species, she is an unbreakable warrior trained by numerous battles. Her red hair appears to be blazing as she sweeps the battlefield and is thus called the Flame of the Battlefield.



Octavia, the Frost Witch

"Freeze. Then shatter into pieces!"

No one knows about this witch's past. Her identity was known after she demolished a Werewolf tribe by herself. She uses a power unbeknownst to anyone. Because she leaves behind a trail of ice shards, she is called the Frost Witch.



More information regarding these women will be revealed in the future.

Thank you for your interest.