[Notice] Update Information Notice

by Natara posted May 15, 2018

Hello everyone, it's Natara.


We will guide you about the details of new changes that will be in the next update v1.3.8.0.


<New Features>
- Addition of New Fate Modes
New fate stories of the best team (Nene, Diana, Bibi) and a split team (Yuri, Bright, Athena) will be added.


- More Sellable Fished Items 
Now you can sell items like marsh snails, bottles with a note and so on in the market. 


- Addition of New Fishing Record Notice 
If you catch a fish that is bigger than your previous fish, then it will have a new record mark.


- Stimpack Control & Display Effect Changes
To reduce mistouching of 
stimpacks, to activate stimpacks the control will change to a holding action where you need to hold down on it for a long time. 


- Addition of a Bonus Mark When Throwing Lottery Mouse
A bonus mark will be added to indicate the exact location of the box that contains bonus rupees. 


<Bug Improvements>
- Waiting Room Line-Up Edits
Fixed the symptom of hunters moving out of the screen or overlapping each other in the waiting room.


- Game Optimization
Improved symptoms of the phone getting hot and game stability.


<Next Update Preview>
- Addition of Upgrade Equipment 
The 'Upgrade Equipment' related feature will be added.
It is currently under development, and we will release more information about it soon.
- Special Supply Convenience Feature
A feature to collect all special supplies at once will be added.
- Special Supplies Holding Time
Due to the increased number of users, we have discovered and confirmed that the game slows down when there are too many items in the special supply.
The items in Special Supply will disappear if it goes over the holding time, so collect your supplies before they expire!
Please note that, after this feature has been added, the supplies that you hold previously (before the update) will also be applied with a keeping time. 
- Sound Improvement
Many in-game sound effects will be upgraded to higher quality, including the hitting sound effects and more.
Thank you.