[Notice] Update Info Notice

by Natara posted Jun 27, 2018

Hi, this is Natara.


We will provide details on what changes will be made on v1.4.1.0 which will be updated later this week.


<New Features & Changes>
- Addition of Hunter Release System
Soon, through the Suspicious Shop, you can release a hunter that you don't need from your team. When releasing a hunter, you can earn rupees or special coins, which will allow you to purchase items required for training or advancing.


- Adjustments to Hunter Trace Prices
The sale price of some grade's traces will be adjusted to accommodate the addition of the release system.


★1 Hunter's Traces - Increase from 20 rupees to 50 rupees
★2 Hunter's Traces - No change, remains as 100 rupees
★3 Hunter's Traces - Reduced from 300 rupees to 200 rupees
★4 Hunter's Traces - No change, remains as 1000 rupees


- Addition of Characters' Lines in Battle
When you start a battle or when the hunter falls back from a lack of HP, they will speak their own lines.


<Bug Improvements & New Features>
- Performance improvement when touch sub-menus in the village
- Other minor bug improvements
- Added a warning pop-up message when trying to use a hunter that is ★3 or higher as fodder in the hunter gym


<Upcoming Update Preview>
- Addition of Equipment Jewels System 
Across Midgard, mysterious Jewels have been discovered.
The Hunter Union is still controlling the information, but they said that more information would be released soon.
You can increase Jewel's effect through grinding them. It is said that you can freely tune the hunter's ability by mounting Jewels on to the hunter's Equipment. 
- Addition of Sudden Death System
Just for Fight Club, a Sudden Death rule will be added. The battle becomes more intense in the last few seconds left.
- Addition of SNS Share System  

A SNS sharing feature will be added when clearing a stage, catching a big fish, or your FC ranking.


*Currently, Google Play has been updated (but note that it may take some time to be applied to the market). With the App Store, it will be applied as soon as it passes inspection and it will be updated sometime tomorrow.

Thank you.