[Notice] Update Preview

by Natara posted Jul 04, 2018


Hi, this is Natara.


We will provide details on what changes will be made on v1.4.2.0 which will be updated later this week.


<New Features & Changes>

- Jewel System Update
West... No, Eastfield is going to open a new Jewel system. Now you can mount, dismount, upgrade your Jewels to your equipment through the 'Upgrade Equipment' menu.

You can purchase Jewels from the Market or earn them as rewards from Special Search. You can also get them through the newly updating Jewel Mine.

Furthermore, there's a rumor going around that Eastfield, who has gained more confidence, is going to get his own place as his authority and role is becoming more important.


- Opening of Jewel Mine

Dawdly who was in charge of providing free fuel supplies will be opening a Jewel Mine in Midgard. Dawdly, as expected from his public-welfare-serving character, is going to provide free Jewels of your choice once each day.


- Increased Collection of Rupees

What's going on? It's overflowing with rupees in various kinds of ruins! After the update, the rupee reward you get after clearing the Golden Abyss and Mirage Ruins will increase immensely!


- Opening of New Difficulty Level for Search

The hunter Union has granted Captains the right to search in more dangerous areas. A new difficulty level 'Very Hard' will be added and you can expect greater rewards from this level.


- Mirage Ruins Expansion and Major Goals Addition

The maximum number of floors will expand from 200 floors to 250 floors.

Every time you enter a specific floor in the Mirage Ruins, it will be counted towards a newly added major goal. The more you reach the deeper floors, the more special bonus rewards you can get.

** For those who have already played the Mirage Ruins before the update, you need to click the re-entry button to enter in order to instantly apply this update.


- Addition of Sudden Death System in Fight Club
The Sudden Death rule that we have previewed before will apply to Fight Club and Mirage Ruins. The basic rule is the same, but starting after 60 seconds of the battle, it's a 15-second system that will increase your attack and rage. And of course, setting out a more balanced defense team might be more important than before.


- Addition of Daily Manda Package Notices

Now, after buying a Daily Manda Package, when you collect your compensation from Schumann, through the special supply message you will be notified how much daily Manda you have left.


<Balance Related Changes>

- Lily & Lyla Skill Boost

Lyla's Joyful Cheer (1st skill) the healing amount is going to be increased.

Attack speed increase effect will also be added to Lyla's Joyful Cheer.


<Bug Improvements>

- Game crashes

- The background blur not applying

- The issue where 'Continuous Damage' and 'Weaken' were not differentiated properly in the skills description


<Upcoming Update Preview>

- Addition of SNS Share System  
A SNS sharing feature will be added when clearing a stage, catching a big fish, or your FC ranking.


- Uniting Shops to the Market

Estelle who works in the Market complained to the Hunter Union. The complaint was about how Captains were entering new shops without seeing her and that there was no one managing them. The Hunter Union listened, and Estelle will manage the Mirage Ruins Shop and the Secret Shop all together in the Market.

Note that moving the shop won't change any of the products, and the current methods to enter will remain the same as well, so you don't need to worry.


<Additional Information on Update Schedules>

We are preparing to release the update to both iOS and Android market at the same time as possible, as there are additional upgrading systems and FC rule changes. Due to this, there might be a slight delay in the update schedule depending on when the IOS examination finishes. If this happens then it may be difficult for us to launch the update before this Friday. We will notify Captains about the specific timing of the update in the event of any subsequent changes.


Thank you.