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[Notice] The Opening of Midgard's Fishing Era!   [36]

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    Hooray! Midgard's ice fishing is finally here! 




    Hello Captains!


    Were you surprised? Midgard has approached the new fishing era! To all the Captains who are interested in fishing! We will briefly explain to you how to fish. 


    Even though Midgard is a cold and rough place, recently, fishing spots are appearing all around Midgard. You can catch various [fishes] in the fishing spots and can sell them in the market for money. Last but not least, you can compete with other Captains for a big fish. 




    You will be able to go to the fishing spots after you have cleared STAGE 37 (Blood Red Canyon) through Lana at the platform.




    Once you have selected your bait, the distance gauge will move. Choose the distance you want and click the throw button. Your fishing begins! Aim near or far! You might catch a different kind of fish depending on different distances. 




    To pull the fish up, you need to wait for your fish to be hooked well. When your fishing float wobbles and drowns, it will start [shaking]. Click the pull button then.




    Tap quickly until the compete strength gauge is full. But there's one thing you have to be careful of! 




    Sometimes, a fish can get into a [fury state]~ If you keep tapping while the fish is angry, it becomes more difficult to catch the fish. When this happens, stop touching the screen and wait until the fish is exhausted.




    The beautiful part about fishing is waiting~ Enjoy having conversations with other Captains while fishing. You will be alarmed in the chat when your bait has been bitten, so there's nothing to worry!


    For more details about fishing read the menu's help page!


    We will continue to work on giving Captains entertaining content.


    Thank you. 

    • Kappersnapper 2018.05.11 16:13
      Well, this post and its instructions would've been handy to have 40 minutes ago.
    • RareHunter 2018.05.11 17:53
      Is chat glitched? It won't let me swap channels and I'm stuck on Channel 0
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.05.11 19:13
      I am not sure how to read the messages in a bottle. I have one but i can’t tell how to read it. It also doesn’t appear in my inventory. If they are for use in a future event then that’s ok but without a notice about that, I feel like I am missing something about how they are used :P
    • Natara 2018.05.14 18:54
      Hi, they aren't for reading. Thank you~
    • Dmeto 2018.05.11 19:35
      Do you still plan to add fishing to our daily goals? And will this increase the requirement of goals needed to get the daily achievement?
    • NeoSpartan 2018.05.11 19:48
      I thought I read goals would be added to the Major Goals, I don't think they were adding daily goals for fishing.
    • Dmeto 2018.05.11 20:22
      Thanks NeoSpartan I misread http://bs.visualshower.com/en/742907 and now have Manda to collect from Lana.
    • DickTowers 2018.05.11 21:37
      Hey, if you take back the fishing minigame , can I have my 4 max challenge tickets for the fight arena back?
    • Micana 2018.05.11 21:53
      Lol. Nope
    • Dirtay 2018.05.12 12:21
      Right. I agree
    • Ginnalka 2018.05.11 23:20
      Why can't we fish while on dispatch?
    • JaquesBourbon 2018.05.12 01:56
      Please make left and right swipe on the home menu accessible areas. They could be event areas or access to fishing or mirage
    • Sino-o 2018.05.12 02:46
      Looks like the idea has been requested after the April fool's post. Nice to have it! Thank you! ^^.
    • Valeriel 2018.05.12 03:18
      Where do you get more bait?
    • Kappersnapper 2018.05.13 00:43
      Just tap on them and buy them like how you would use lottery tickets. lol
    • Insaner 2018.05.12 05:00
      If you think average baits take long waiting time to catch fish, then let watch a korean drama with some fruits next to.. That is truly fishing. 20 average baits took me an episode long of drama and 5 apples. How peaceful :)
    • shaolinpinoy 2018.05.12 07:49
      Um...I either suck at fishing...or this event is not working...not catching anything at all...
    • snowCloud 2018.05.12 09:52 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • Natara 2018.05.14 10:00 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • Deunus 2018.05.12 11:46
      Yay, nice ability for gold farming. But it's very sad that we're have no traces as arena reward now. I guess you should increase arena rewards, because now it's just 6 tickets instead of 10.
    • Fukurama 2018.05.13 01:31
      This is the greatest addition to the game PERIOD!!!!
    • Blade101 2018.05.13 06:07
      How do you get notes?
    • Viperion 2018.05.13 07:56 SECRET

      "This is a secret article."

    • JasminBeast 2018.05.14 01:35
      Sounds fun, when I can, I'm going fishing!
    • Rhys2074 2018.05.14 21:20
    • Adiel 2018.05.17 18:23

      How fast do I need to tap my damn screen to catch some material. Do I need to break my screen? Some advice on how to be a better fisher

    • Blade101 2018.06.14 22:24
      Dont tap when the bar turns red
    • rowlet29 2018.05.18 06:48
      Get rid of fishing and add in traiding we're ppl can trade fighters and items and money and Manda
    • pAMoRNq 2018.05.19 15:50
    • Death_radar 2018.05.20 03:21
      Can you add a trading system
    • PreyEater 2018.05.20 09:42
      How can I replenish the bait after used up? :/
    • Gondam 2018.05.26 16:42
      Give video i have try many timebut still not work
    • Clickbaitcrill 2018.06.01 10:35
      if only i didn’t waste all my bait without knowing you had to stop tapping
    • Alex155 2018.06.10 11:53
      Love this idea so much!
    • Blade101 2018.06.14 22:23
      Theres a bug with the npcs. When i go into the menu sometimes, theyre syill there. Could someone fix that please?
    • osmanilllo 2018.06.16 23:39
      Hey bring more types of fish
      And let the the time to caych quicker

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