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[Notice] v2.0.1.1 Update Note (COMPLETE)   [8]

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    Hello, it’s Natara here.


    We apologize for all the inconvenience caused by the update.


    Here are the details about the major issues and their fixes.


    # Some “Alfaheimr” server accounts being sent to ‘Midgard’ server
    We found that some of the users who created their account in ‘Alfaheimr’ server were somehow moved to ‘Midgard’ server.
    This issue has been resolved through this update and it will not happen again.
    Also, if you have been placed in the wrong server, we will definitely move you to ‘Alfaheimr’ server.
    We will be quick to help if you contact us at cs@visualshower.com or the Support section of our website with your in-game nickname.  

    # The missing of ‘The Return of Missing Captains Project’ rewards
    There was an issue where the rewards for ‘The Return of Missing Captains Project’ were not sent to the returned captains.
    We kindly ask those returned captains who have not yet received these rewards to contact us with your in-game nickname at cs@visualshower.com or the Support section of our website. We will check and send you the missing rewards.

    # The ornithopter shaking during the battle
    Many users have told us that the ornithopter shaking effect was excessive and that it disrupted their focus while playing the game.
    To ensure a more pleasant experience to all our users, we have reduced the shaking effect through this update.

    # Slow Guild Chat / Unable to request fuel
    The Guild Chat was much slower than the General Chat.
    Also, sending fuel requests to the guild members was not working.
    These issues have been fixed through this update.

    # Guild Ranking not being displayed properly
    There was an issue with the guild ranking not displaying properly.
    This issue has been fixed through this update.

    #Beckhen not receiving any damage when he becomes unconscious at low health
    We found that ‘Beckhen’ with low health did not receive any damage when he becomes ‘unconscious’. This issue has been fixed through this update.

    # Game lagging and slowing down
    Many users have told us that the game was lagging and became slower after the 
    Blustone 2 update. This issue has been improved through this update, and we will keep optimizing the game speed with the future updates as well.

    # Buttons not working except the Home button and Back button when the Back button is pressed when the ‘Area Cleared!’ page is being displayed
    When you clear an area, ‘Area Cleared!’ page appears. If you press ‘Back’ button of your device, only ‘Home’ & ‘Back’ buttons located at the in-game navigation bar worked.
    This issue has been resolved with this update.

    # Not being able to select a partner in the Abyss
    This change was intentional. From now on, you can only select partners for the Hunter Search. The ‘Select Partner’ button has been changed to ‘Begin Battle’ button through this update.

    # Unable to move between pages in Community
    Users were not able to move between pages due to the watermark at the bottom of the Forums page. This issue has been fixed through this update.

    # The background music volume being too loud for the character voice
    Many users have told us that the background music was too loud for the character voice. The sound balance has been adjusted through this update so that you can better enjoy the character voice.

    # New users not being able to recommend a friend
    We discovered that it says ‘Already Recommended’ in the Recommendation page even for the new users who have not recommended anyone yet.
    This issue has been fixed through this update.

    # Hunter skill text pausing the game for too long
    Many users also told us that the newly added skill explaining text effect which appears when the skill animation is turned OFF pauses the game for too long, therefore interrupting the smooth gameplay.
    To ensure a smoother and faster gameplay, the pause time will be reduced greatly with our next update.


    We will continue to make every effort to provide a better service.


    Thank you.

    • Jng 2018.11.23 15:05
      Complete? iOS?? :(
    • SONNYxq 2018.11.23 15:08
      Many bugs fixed! Thanks!
    • Trestles 2018.11.23 15:11
      Nice work on the fast fixes though
    • SONNYxq 2018.11.23 15:12
      There are still some bugs open, like public chat lag while scrolling and private messages are very short on words...
    • Cherryx 2018.11.23 16:18
    • MysTrysT 2018.11.25 11:01
      I can't accept the rewards of the user manda event... The title says some JavaScript stuff too
    • Utaha 2018.11.25 23:05
      Same! Please help!
    • Kappersnapper 2018.11.25 12:13
      Can you fix this weird bug where battles in Fight Club and Mirage will still go on even when you have paused, but only for the enemy and not for you? Sometimes when I pause the game during Fight Club or Mirage(more so Fight Club), the enemies will keep attacking but my hunters will stay put and take it all.

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