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[News] Coming Soon Updates   [12]

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    Hello everyone,


    Here is more information about this week's new update


    <New features>
    - Fight Club Matching Changes
    At the beginning of the fight, the opponent with similar skills to you will still be selected randomly. But you will be able to rearrange your team members after checking your opponent team's formation, allowing more strategic matches than before.


    <Bug fixes>
    - Showing wrong signs of characters' element in Hunter List.
    - Issues with constantly having the 'complete' sign on the main page. 
    - Limiting abusive usage of 'Revenge' in Fight Club.
    - Issues with Fate Stories disappearing when a ★3 hunter is gone. 
    - Increased stability of Hunter Recruitment.
    - Increased stability of Fate Stories.

    - Fixing the irregular number of ‘Revenge’ usage when losing in Fight Club.


    Thank you,


    • Matsukura 2017.12.06 12:42
      Hmm, can you clarify between the two points made about "revenge"?

      The two points being, Limiting abusive and Fixing irregular.
    • Jujuツ 2017.12.07 03:40
      Yes, very curious about it being made in 2 separate points. As for the other notes, I am looking forward to the stability improvements.
    • Natara 2017.12.07 12:38
      Limiting abusive usage: User(s) who have been cheating to rank higher in Fight Clubs will not be able to do so. The bug that allowed the user(s) to rank higher will be fixed. Hence, allowing everyone to play fairly at Fight Clubs.

      Fixing irregular: We are currently fixing the irregular system of revenging in Fight Clubs. After the update today you will be able to revenge the same amount of times you've been attacked. For example, we've had cases where a user was attacked twice but could only revenge once. This is a bug as it's supposed to be the same.

      Thank you.
    • Gown 2017.12.06 17:26
      Looking forward for this update
    • ZexCiel 2017.12.06 18:09
      So does it mean Fate Story will stay if the Hunter disappear ???
    • Malthus 2017.12.06 18:55
      Great, thank you
    • UrielSR 2017.12.06 19:23
      Hope we get this soon, best of the lucks for the guys finding the fix.
    • Nikolasnik 2017.12.06 20:19
    • benchu 2017.12.07 01:11
      Are these updates in effect already or not yet? The fate stories still dissapeared after upgrading
    • UrielSR 2017.12.07 06:24
      They are currently fixing these issues (I have the same problem). We will have to wait a bit more.
    • Braxneir 2017.12.08 03:34
      As usual another great update! It would be soooo fun to rile up the forums and the chat and have civil discussions about this update! Wow, great devs and great community! I hope this keeps going and going guys I love you all!
    • Poonts 2017.12.11 23:01
      Is it supposed to work that you can’t attack in fight club? My characters just sit there and bounce off the other characters

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