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[Notice] Information of April’s Update Plans (April Fool's Prank!)   [102]

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    Have a good day!

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    Hope you enjoyed April Fool's Day! On April 1st next year, we will come back with more promising content!


    Goodbye, Captains of Midgard!


    It's time to celebrate the 1st of April, we are truly excited to announce the plans we have for Blustone's mega update. We have ambitiously prepared this new content, and although some information may be quite shocking, this is serious stuff! ;)

    1. Mass Joining of New Hunters!




    The new hunters have fought their way through the winter storm, and will join Midgard! They can't go back to their homeland, the equilibrium world, and have abilities that Midgard has never seen before. It is said that when you use these not four, but, five?!... characters to cruise, you'll have unique abilities! Better collect them all!


    2. Blustone Animation Release!



    Blustone TV animation series will air on Cartoon Metwork starting from 1st of April, 2018! 
    The story will be about a protagonist who meets a mysterious girl and goes on a fantasy adventure and fights the king of evil. Wait, actually... the story is about a protagonist who lost his memory and defeated evil but turns out he is the king of evil himself?!
    Hm... I'm not sure. So, please watch the episodes to find out!


    3. The Highlight of Blustone's New Content - Mini Fishing Game!




    After three weeks of intense meetings inside the development team, we've identified what we were missing in Blustone this whole time… FISHING!
    Fishing, in reality, requires a lot of money and time. But if you take out your cell phone and go on Blustone, you can go fishing right away!
    Around 2000 different kinds of polar fish, 50 types of fishing rods, 10 different baits and 8 fishing areas will be released. Experience the cold and enjoyment of ice fishing through Blustone!


    4. Racing Mode! Lottery Mouse Express!




    The Midgard cops finally took action. They arrested Lottery Mouse for his sneaky kidnappings. Lottery Mouse received a life sentence for his series of kidnappings, but it is said that authorities will grant a general amnesty for Lottery Mouse when each region wins on Lottery Mouse's sledge race.
    You need to train... or catch... or crossbreed?! ... Lottery Mouse to make him faster and stronger to win the race.
    - Race the quickest circuit with L-Mouse in F1.
    - Relay championship that occurs in the harshest Midgard areas!
    - A 24-hour marathon to test Lottery Mouse's limit for 24 hours!
    - Fight between various opponents: Pottery Mouse, Robbery Mouse, Mockery Mouse etc.


    5. Battle Royale Mode! 'PLAYERVISHA’S BATTLEGROUNDS!' 



    3D FPS mode, 'PLAYERVISHA’S BATTLEGROUNDS' will be released. Up to 64 battle royale in the harsh cold weather! I think there was a story, uh... I forgot. It's not really that important. But one thing I’m sure of is that something will come out, maybe a game of chess or a frying pan, so no worries! To the winner, we will be giving out crispy fried chicken!


    On the 1st of April, the big bang of Blustone begins. Please look forward to this!~ LOL!!!


    No thanks for reading everyone.

    • Tizdude 2018.03.30 18:13
      How much of this is April fools?
    • KuschiK 2018.03.30 18:18
      All of it

      .... but the fishing would be nice
    • Lewen 2018.03.31 03:14
      where the animation news starts
    • XunKieran 2018.03.30 18:21
      Make it true!
    • Enllyn 2018.03.30 18:24
      Right below Nene, is that Lantern? It resembles him but it’s not quite the same.
    • PwndBot 2018.03.30 19:27
      Yes, that's him. Look at the weapon, come on now.
    • ZeroSkyes36 2018.03.30 18:25

      the real joke is the rates ;-; of everything

    • BlastHydro 2018.03.30 18:27
      I Sware i was hype till i remeber about April fools.

      All these ideas are great though
    • xSorrow 2018.03.30 18:31
      I was hyped till iv read about fishing cough happy april fools everyone .i.
    • Rothaga 2018.03.30 18:50
      It would be nice if the animation is real tho :Y
    • Wongy 2018.03.30 18:52
      Haha was hoping I could recognise Hyuntae ^^
    • WinterAurora 2018.03.30 18:53
      Lmfao Karl in the last pic
    • Sino-o 2018.03.30 18:57
      The fishing one and animated series actually would be pretty cool.
    • Elakan 2018.03.30 19:09
      this is an awful lot of work put in just to bamboozle us
    • PwndBot 2018.03.30 19:28
      What a fool you've made out of April.
    • Junzo 2018.03.30 19:31
      Haha very funny. You ain't that slick.
    • MikeLitoris23 2018.03.30 19:44
      APRIL FOOLS. YOU AINT FOOLING NO ONE. I DISREGARD ALL INFORMATION FROM THIS DISCUSTING POST. don't believe anything. This is an absurdity. We should be getting a sorry letter to EVERY captain and we should be awarded 200,000 rupees and 600 Manda for damages against the community
    • Katte 2018.03.30 20:18
      Yes. Gimme.
    • leo2009 2018.04.03 10:18
      Your right give us a sorry note with rupees and manda
    • Jumiko 2018.03.30 19:50
      Even i know it april fools but fishing is a nice idea
    • Lyell 2018.03.30 19:55
      Ehehehe, reading that was hilarious xD
      And the little matchboy fits just perfectly in front of that explosion!
    • Prompto 2018.03.30 19:59
      Really wish that Animation one was real
    • BorisCheung 2018.03.30 19:59
      Cartoon Network??
    • Supermeme 2018.03.30 20:00
      They are adding fishing content..
      This whole post is a bait
    • Mittoju 2018.03.30 20:02
      Im pretty pump up in bluestone animation release if they were real ;-; and also please let my country play white island I wanna get the hunter as well.
    • Katte 2018.03.30 20:17
      If this is a prank, I'm calling the police and I am serious about this. >:( Give us this in the next month or else I will contact your lawyers.
      ( April Fools! )
    • Elmar 2018.03.30 20:21
      It's fun to read the announcement, but I'm taking it with a grain of salt
    • DarkCross 2018.03.30 20:58
      I smell TRAPS... again... ( -_-)...
      *grabs popcorn & cola....
    • Atlan 2018.03.30 21:08
      Dammit! That would be fun....if it was true -.-
    • SopaySama 2018.03.30 21:32
      I'm actually done X'D good job guys !!!
    • DamDam_ 2018.03.30 21:38
      The real joke behind this all is that it's reverses phycology we all think it's a joke then boom all these updates hit us then we are like wait a minute it was not April fools then they take it all away as it was a rose all along
    • Kirei 2018.03.30 21:43
      I knew I was missing something in my life, FISHING in Blustone. But for reals, pls make it happen.
    • Fukurama 2018.03.30 22:05
    • Fukurama 2018.03.30 22:06
      Can't wait for fishing and ANOTHER BATTLE ROYALE ON MOBILE!!! FUCK YEEE
    • Stoned 2018.03.30 22:40
      Ridiculous, i am dieing hahaha thumbs up for that
    • MelissaDC 2018.03.30 22:41
      Awwwghhh i am so excited!
      Especially for (i forgot his name in game)that boy w glasses ^-^
    • Swordman26 2018.03.30 23:08
    • Katomaru 2018.03.30 23:55
      Then I can guarantee you *none of these are fake at all.*
      I can't wait to try that new fishing game
    • lemonday 2018.03.31 00:06
      You guys are simply the best. Love ya
    • Zazure 2018.03.31 00:21
      *Casually saves the pictures.*
    • Monaliza 2018.03.31 01:32
      Bout some hantr like feary tals weth weing ... or some hantrs that related of the ather calutchar like arebic king naight or some charectar like yasmin ...and alaa aldeen ...or charctar like butye shaep ... you nlknow lgeeas its will be staning...
    • Fukurama 2018.03.31 06:41
      did you faceroll your keyboard...?how do you mistype THAT many words xD... (jk love u, I can see its not ur first language♡)
    • Juanraden 2018.03.31 01:52
      Fishing would be nice
    • Zeb78 2018.03.31 01:54
      More hunters from White Island? Wow. Seo Yoon, Jina, Jae and Ji Hoon :0
    • Yayita 2018.03.31 02:20
      Cartoon Network right?, the chanel right?, that's what they said, right...?
    • StoneJr2 2018.03.31 02:41
      Im broken inside when i realised its probably April fools :(
    • Yayita 2018.03.31 02:47
      I swear at god that all of this have to be true or else I'm gonna hang myself eh.
    • Yayita 2018.03.31 02:57
      Nah I think, I guess, I don't believe them because, all of this it's sooo good to be true eh, so that's why I don't believe all of this things & stuff hey, but who knows maybe or may it is not fake and so I will be glad eh.
    • Xeneno 2018.03.31 04:18
      Yusssssss! Tho new to this game I had been trying to hunt down the tv series! Thinking it was already based on one!! Look forward to it
    • Infinyx 2018.03.31 04:28
      The battle royal thing is funny

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