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[Notice] Error on Guild Blitz Winning Points Results   [2]

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    Hello, Captains of Midgard.


    We have received inquiries on the issue of winning maximum points regardless of the number of blitz battles during the recent Guild Blitz and concerns on the possibility of abusing this issue.


    We have investigated the server data on the previous Guild Blitz and found out that this issue could happen during a certain timing when the game was forced to close.


    The issue also occurred when several users were participating in the Guild Blitz at the same time, regardless of the level of actual Guild Strength.


    We are currently undergoing modifications to fix this issue and it is expected to be completed by this week before the Guild Blitz starts.


    In regards to the overall previous Blitz battle results, which was inquired along with the issue for the possibility of abuse, we found that it happened with a low frequency, around 3 to 6 times per Guild when many Guild Members were participating in the Guild Blitz together for a certain period of time.


    Also, this issue wasn't only occurring on one side of the Guild but was also occurring on the other side of the Guild. In the majority of cases, the issue was found on both sides of the Guild and thus, it is difficult to consider it as an intentional bug abuse.


    However, we deeply understand your distress during the previous Guild Blitz due to this issue and will provide you with the below rewards as a means of comfort for the inconvenience. Please check your Schumann's Hunter Supply Station.


    We will try our best to provide better service.


    Thank you.


    <Supply Period>

    Rewards will be sent accordingly after December 23rd, 2019 18:00 (UTC+9)


    <Reward Details>

    - 50000 Rupees

    - 5000 Medals of Honor

    - 1000 Fuels


    • Kotyan 2019.12.23 18:28
      Pls fix the matchmaking system too. The current way, either u lose every week to whale/top power guilds, or end up joining korea or china guilds to have wins.
    • Danzskiel 2019.12.23 23:30
      Can someone explain the glitch for me pls? I don’t understand what they said

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