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[Update] Awakened Hunter Riko Addition   [4]

Natara    Lv.  2
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    Hello, Captains of Midgard! Natara is here!

    The ★2 Lightning Defense Riko will be newly awakened, following Lapis and Rebecca! What abilities will she show us?

    Listed below are the details for the newly awakened hunter.

    <Date of Addition>
    December 3rd

    <Newly Awakened Hunter>
    Riko, the Hard-Knock Life
    Halloween Witch Riko

    * The Halloween limited Halloween Witch Riko will also be awakened. Halloween Witch Riko's appearance will be kept the same, but her actual stats and skill effects will be the same as awakened Riko.

    <Hunter Introduction>

    Awakened Riko.jpg


    Riko, the Sparkling Blade Claws
    A Defense who is excellent for combat against other players with balanced offense and defense. She puts the opponent under difficult conditions by disabling them from attacking and switching.

    Deals dozens of continuous attacks and slices the enemy into pieces in an instant using her claws.

    - Deals temporary Bleeding damage to the frontline enemy


    Spinning Charge
    Spins like a tornado and charges toward the enemy. Temporarily strengthens her block chance and weakens the enemy's defense.

    - Riko's Block Chance strengthens up to 50% for 4.5 seconds
    - Enemy's Defense weakens up to 40% for 4.5 seconds


    Impregnable Defense
    Defender requires a strong resistance in order to protect their team.

    - Strengthens her own defense up to 15% when the battle starts


    Afterimage Charge
    Randomly deals continuous attacks that cause confusion to the enemy when using a skill. Deals great damage and incapacitates the enemy temporarily.

    - Deals great damage to the frontline enemy
    - Disables the frontline enemy to attack up to 4 seconds
    - Disables the frontline enemy to switch up to 4 seconds


    Stab-Proof Vest
    Riko becomes immune to stuns by wearing a secret armor underneath her clothes that increases damage reduction.

    - Riko's Damage Reduction increases up to 35% when the battle starts
    - Immunity to Stuns


    We will continue to do our best to make sure you enjoy your time in Midgard!

    Thank you.

    • Ninja4Hire 2020.12.03 15:46
      Lazy for halloween riko
    • JAR10S 2020.12.03 17:59
      Cool. Though whatever reason you guys skipped Sienna's awakening, it would have been nice to inform us first than just changing the schedule out of the blue. Some of my guild members have already heavily invested to Sienna thinking her line up is coming next.
    • Nazure 2020.12.04 12:59
      by heavily, do you mean your friend already upgraded her equipment to max lv50 equipment? just curious and want to know details.
      other than that, anything else they do would not worth saying as heavy investment.
    • Natara 2020.12.07 14:18
      Hello JAR10S,

      We sincerely apologize that the update was not made according to the notice.
      Please note that Awakened Sienna is planned to be updated this week.

      Please feel free to contact us anytime through our "Support" page if you have any inquiries!
      Thank you.

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