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[Notice] v1.1.5.0 Patch Notes and Other Changes   [16]

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    Hiya! :)

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    Hello, VSpang here.


    Please check the following notes to confirm what's being added or changed for the new v1.1.5.0 as well as our future plans. This update has now been made.


    <New Contents>

    - Added transcendenced hunter effect

      Hunters that have successfully transcended will have a special effect when in town.

    - Show special effects for statuses in battle

      When your hunter's condition changes in battle, you can confirm their condition visually through special effects.

    - Added detailed defeat page

      When defeated in on a mission, abyss, Fight Club battle, etc., you can now see the number of by how much you've lost.

    - Improve packages

      Certain packages will be reformed and new packages will be added.

    - Added finishing auto-combat with Manda sales

      When you finish a batch of auto-combats with Manda, there will be a percentage sale for the Manda you spend.

    - Bosses in each region will be able to use their skill.


    <Improved Convenience>

    - Some page opening speed has been improved.

    - A confirmation page pops up when purchasing fuel, challenge invitations, or rupees with Manda.

    - Daily check-in convenience improved

      The accumulated days in the daily check-in will increase even when you don't check in. Also, you will move directly to the check-in page when you click the daily check-in assignment bubble.

    - Improve the Fight Club interface

      You will be able to confirm others' ranks better. You will be able to see players' nationality in the opponent matching page and leaderboards.

    - Improve managing friends page

      You will be able to see if you have a new friend request while in town.

    - Added building alarms

      You will now see alarms for auto-combat, new special missing hunters, and unconfirmed defensive matches. You can move directly to their corresponding page when you touch their alarms.

    - Select Expedition Area team adjusted

      You can now remove all hunters when forming your Expedition Area team for an easier formation.


    <Miscellaneous Bug Fixes>

    - Fixed helper tab alarm not properly working in the hunter recruitment page

    - Fixed alarm always being on in the Gym

    - Fixed going to a wrong page when trying to leave a review

    - Fixed abyss renewal malfunctions

    - Fixed sorting not properly working at the Hunter Shop

    - Improved abnormal lines appearing on the screen

    - Improve game stability


    <Reorganize Reward System> (This will be gradually added after the v1.1.5 update.)

    - Improve check-in rewards

      The everyday check-in rewards will be overall better. (Change receiving 1 Elite Request on the 6th day and receive a Metron Crystal on the 7th day.) For cumulative check-in rewards, the 15th day will be changed from 2 Challenge Invitation coupons to 1 2★ Request.

    - Adjust 30★ achievement reward in Expedition Area

      Instead of receiving hunter traces, you will receive the actual hunter when 30★ is reached.

    - Adjust Fight Club weekly rank reward

      Skill materials will be removed from the prizes and 2★, 3★ Requests will be added.

    - Change Fight Club shop contents

      Fuel, rupee, and Challenge Invitation coupons will be deleted and either 1 Metron Crystal or 1 2★ Request will appear.


    <Hunter Skill Balance Changes Preview>

    - Resolve block chance related problems

      After transcendence has updated, hunters' healths have increased by a large amount, increasing the influence of block chances. Therefore, skills that change block chances, whether they increase or decrease chances or any passive skills, will be all decreased by a small percentage (about 5%).

    - Strengthen Kain's 5th skill

      The electric-elemental defense Kain has been criticized for his low-performance level by many players.

    After reviewing Kain's overall character concepts and skill configurations, it was found that Kain's 5th skill has very low performance compared to other characters of the same level. To improve this, Kain's 5th skill's max, increase defense, will be increased from 15% to 25%.

    - Apply individual cooldown time after using skill

      There are no restrictions on the repeated use of skills for the offense and defense except for the same waiting period. Therefore, certain skills have been too effective as well as bugs appearing due to buffs and debuffs stacking.

    Because of this, there will be individual cooldown times for each hunter. This is a much-needed feature once manually controlling Fight Club battles becomes active.


    Thank you for reading!

    • Trigg 2017.09.26 20:22
      Welcome changes as always! It'd be interesting to see how the new Kain would perform.

      Nice to see more effort being put into acquiring Crystals easier too, as not all players can clear the higher Abyss stages, even with high-level help.
    • BlackGeneral 2017.09.26 22:09
    • Nazure 2017.09.26 23:01
      Glad to see incoming update for this good game.
      If you ever out of idea what's come after, then please consider this suggestion: Do some improve to help sorting / reading through the game story (option from home-screen menu).

      Now there are more & more story, and it will be more difficult to swipe through these many story of different hunters / area clear; then you accidentally open a story that you not looking for.

      Maybe add confirmation pop-up when you just swiping through page, but story section misunderstood that you want to read, say.... BruceBang Story?! I don't like BruceBang, geez.
    • Spondyl 2017.09.27 14:57
      Hey Nazure,

      I agree too! It's not much use yet but I've been very slowly transcribing character's story into the VSFan Wiki for easier reading since there's that much content. It's taking a while of course since there's not many of us yet but it'll get there eventually.

      Here's an example of a story: https://vsfan.net/wiki/Last_Soldier

      Sadly, I've basically only transcribed Captain's stuff because it takes ages plus I've been busy ; ;
    • Xaiya 2017.09.27 03:26
      Love the changes! Thank you!
    • Pardis 2017.09.27 08:01
    • silentswarm 2017.09.27 13:05
      Maybe look into the activity fuel rewards it is awful to have to reload game just to claim fuel reward. Also a better sorting of hero's like sort by hero to put them all together.
    • Spondyl 2017.09.27 15:19
      The previews sound just as neat as the current upcoming patch too B) Thanks pang!
    • Kuwabara 2017.09.27 15:34
      Why do you need to remove tickets from fight store?
    • xrogerx 2017.09.27 21:25
      Thanks VSpang for this update.. Can't wait to see the improvement...
    • Vejova 2017.09.28 05:31
      Support was removed from the board, so how do we contact support about bugs and stuff now?
    • VSpang 2017.09.28 15:00
      You can still report to us in the Support section! Thanks for asking. :)
    • Malthus 2017.09.29 03:15
      I purchased the old fuel package a few days ago, will that still be valid?
    • VSpang 2017.09.29 17:15
      Yes, it should be!
    • Eryza 2017.09.29 09:49
      Loving every changes to eacn new update, especially the little quality-of-life improvements to some already great features.

      Also something I'd like to point out: everything loads up so fast and it feels really good! I can finally grab 10 hunters within seconds rather than having to wait for the black screens in-between. Well done!
    • BearHans 2017.09.29 17:42
      Great update!

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