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[Notice] v1.1.0.0 Patch Notes (Released August 17th)   [18]

VSpang    Lv.  14
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    Hiya! :)

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    Hello, Captain!


    We are here to talk about version that we've been teasing in our previous patch notes.

    Due to the weekend and examination periods, this update will be coming August 18th.

    Thank you, everyone, for being so patient and understanding.


    <New Features>

    - Excavation Association Added

    Abysses that open on a day by day basis added

    Using a friend's hunter coop system added


    - Game Play Improved

    Fever gauge that attack assistance added

    Background speed based on fever gauge added

    Tap effects change by hunter's elemental attribute and weapon

    Enemy boss life gauge differentiated

    Rage gauge and skill icon visibility improved


    - Balance Modifications

    Fight Club's offense hunter's damage increased by 10%

    Attack speed related buff and passive skill fluctuation decreased (This is an essential change due to the addition of the fever gauge, but you shouldn't feel a large change in gameplay.)

    Captain's 5th skill, armor penetration, decreases from 0.2 to 0.15%

    Captain's base stats slightly increased

    Tyltyl's 5th skill, regeneration rate, greatly increased


    - User Convenience Improvement: these changes have already been made.

    Dormitory increased from 72 > 84

    3-star hunter and 2-star hunter traces added in the Fight Club shop


    <Bug Fixes>

    - Certain video ads not been accessible fixed

    - Fate bonuses not been applied during plays fixed

    - Fate stories added for those who didn't have them (Kain, Acerola, Octavia, Athena, Hermes, Riko, Teddy Bomer): this change has already been made.


    <System Changes>

    - Auto-Combat Base Time Increased

    Currently, there is no difference in rewards in manual play and auto-combat. There are not many restrictions in auto-combat, so there has been less manual combat. Auto-combat was made for convenience, but we have determined that this resulted in decreased gameplay and interest in Blustone. However, a separate restraint system such as decreasing rewards conflicts with the original intention to enhance convenience. Therefore, we will increase the base time required for auto-combat to improve the current situation without impairing convenience as much as possible.


    <Update Date>

    August 18, 2017

    Released August 17th.


    Thank you for reading.

    • Majo 2017.08.14 15:18
      Rip Captain :c Having more stats on him will still not compensate how much A.P will be missed </3
    • Spondyl 2017.08.14 15:50
      Hype! I look forward to checking it out :)
    • xrogerx 2017.08.14 21:32
      So still no transcendent
    • littlerookie 2017.08.15 08:11
      What about the touch related issue fix that was promised along with this patch? It is improved since last patch but still problematic at times..
    • Howel 2017.08.16 01:29
      So excited!!
    • colegrey7840 2017.08.16 09:30
      When will transcendence finally be coming out
    • Spondyl 2017.08.17 13:28
      Well, it seems the update is already out so I guess the bug was fixed?
    • Enheim 2017.08.17 14:59
      @vspang, hi vs, any idea if the nene and Athena crit bug has been fixed?
    • Kyzyll 2017.08.17 15:25
      Lovely lovely, thanks for the update! :)
    • Magentan 2017.08.17 16:06
      The increased auto battle time might decrease interest as well as having to wait 3h for 40 autobattles looks more like another attempt to milk money from us to skip them (remember how octa's event was received?). The old one meant at least that I would check back quite often to see what I've got. I don't know how popular the last abyss was but having to tap away infinitely was definetely too annoying to be worth those traces. Tapping is only fun when you do new stages, not when you grind the same one 200 times per day.
    • Yang0123 2017.08.17 17:53
    • chikorita 2017.08.17 18:47
      Agree completely. Discourages players! My farming now takes 4 times than before this update.. this is terrible
    • Vexus 2017.08.17 23:43
      Pretty much nailed it perfectly :/
    • Spiritovod 2017.08.17 18:35
      Now it will take four times longer to level-up your hunters without pointless manual grinding. Nope, thanks, I'll leave for a while - if this money oriented thing will not end along with new flashy, but confusing visual effects which are only adding troubles with understanding how much dps you're dealing (in both exploration and battle club) - I'll just drop the game for good. Sadly, it was one of the games you're usually enjoy the most, but now it's not like that - you've just encouraged players to visit the game 4 times less often which eventually will lead to losing interest in the game.
      Good job guys, good job. The people who were willing to pay, will pay anyway (now they should pay more for obvious reason, and not all of them will be fine with the change), the rest will just find other game to play.
    • Vexus 2017.08.17 23:44
      Perfect time to have purchased fuel package only to have time extended ruining the grinding :(
    • colegrey7840 2017.08.18 00:03
      Yea not feeling this update. Grinding for items and leveling hunters is not worth the extra time now. I agree with others it makes me log on less frequently and eventually I will get bored or forget. On top of that the abyss kinda doesn't motivate me to do it since I can only do one area a day, unless I want to pay. It feels like the game is becoming a money grab. I don't mind spending a bit here or there but I'm against getting pushed to spend to do simple things I enjoyed the game for prior to the update. I liked grinding to get items and level hunters. It was achievable before.
    • Jezter 2017.08.18 00:25
      There's glitch in the arena.
      When I already defeated all hunters of the other players , I should win the match. BUT I DIDN'T and the time still running, then time's up and I Lose. Please fix this
    • Setzer 2017.08.18 02:11
      The 4 times longer was WAY too much. 2x is at least reasonable or even 1.5x. Also please explicitly show the changes to all of the other hunters who received changes. Transparency is key

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