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[Notice] Mirage Ruins Update Notice   [9]

Natara    Lv.  2
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    Have a good day!

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    Hello, it's Natara here.


    Are you enjoying your life in Midgard?
    If you said yes, well, we have great news for you!~
    Recently, the Hunter Union have found <Mirage Ruins> that were mysteriously hidden near Midgard.


    Many Captains would have been wondering why hunters that look like them have been appearing around Midgard.


    The reason is <Mirage Ruins>.
    The Mirage Forest was created by the power that flowed from <Mirage Ruins>.


    We have carefully hand-picked the juicy info about <Mirage Ruins>, and we would like to share all the information with every Captains.

    It is said that you need to be more careful in these ruins than the Abyss.

    That being said, due to the power that is inside <Mirage Ruins> to consider the minority of hunter's safety, we are in the process of expanding the ruin's entrance. 
    When the construction is complete, you will be able to take all the hunters you have to the ruins. 


    To go into further details about the <Mirage Ruins>,

    Just like the Mirage Forest, the <Mirage Ruins> is a place where enemies that look exactly like you will appear. And the deeper you go into these ruins, the stronger the enemies you will face. 
    Also, no one knows how far deep you can go down the Mirage ruins yet.


    While you battle in the ruins, your health will be continued from the influence of the ruin's powers, but if your hunter dies, then that hunter will no longer be able to fight. 
    Also, a minority of hunters will get a mysterious power in the Mirage Ruins and will be stronger than usual.
    There is a rumour that those hunters will be able to show greater power while they are in the ruins and who gets these powers will switch every few days.


    The Hunter Union of Midgard said that they would announce publicly of the names of these hunter teams who should target these ruins. I'm guessing that Captains who manage to go deeper into the ruins will gain more popularity?


    The Union is working their best to open the ruins as fast as possible, but workers who were actually mirages, have been taking away their shovels and diggers and running away, disturbing their work.


    We hope you can all look forward to <Mirage Ruins> that will be opening soon!


    Thank you.

    • Fukurama 2018.04.06 16:29
      Can't wait ! :'^)
    • Erix_Blax 2018.04.06 18:07
      What about that mirage shop?
    • Kirei 2018.04.06 18:48
      This sounds fairly interesting. Looking forward to the update!
    • UrielSR 2018.04.06 20:41

      mirages are copies and the ruins powers can change the ground picture (creating a forest), may this be related to the power Vincent told about to Scar? seems very intriguing all of this....

    • Fukurama 2018.04.06 21:37
    • Mittoju 2018.04.07 04:59
      Make a higher drop rate in gold coupons..
    • Fukurama 2018.04.07 06:46
      Make me a dragon and call me; Hapagraefengaleldavagallanembellendeiumsgevagentalemagasavingerengenreapullavahsalvaynampevagakopoulos
    • Lyell 2018.04.07 17:14
      Oh my gosh, sounds so exciting*^*
    • RickysRightNut 2018.04.12 14:29
      Did Nene get a nerf? I was using her skill in a mirage battle and she wasn’t able to stun the enemy unless she did that critical skill thing flash

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