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[Destiny] Karl and Athena - Feathers (ft. Lantern and Nene)   [4]

Marcien    Lv.  4
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    Karl: Ah, Captain. Have you seen Set around recently?

    Captain: Set? Oh, your falcon. Can't say I have. Isn't he usually with you?

    Karl: Yes... But I haven't seen him since last night.


    ——— ××××× ———


    Athena: Bird? What is your business with me? You've been stalking me for quite a while now.


    Athena: Oh...? You're looking at my shoulder?

    Athena: Well, it's not as broad as Karl's shoulders... (blush) But you can take a perch here if you like.

    Athena: I don't mind having more feathers on m-

    Athena: !!! Huh? Wait... Wh-why are you attacking me now!??


    ——— ××××× ———


    Nene: Ouh! I hear it! The sounds of a fight! Count me in!

    Lantern: Shouldn't we be trying to stop them?


    Lantern: ... and she's gone already.

    Lantern: Yea, I can't expect that of Nene.

    Lantern: Well, I better follow her to make sure everything's all right.


    ——— ××××× ———


    Athena: Uurgh! Fire Blast!


    Karl: Stop, Athena! Don't you dare hurt Set!

    Set: Kaw kaaww kaaw kaww!

    Karl: Can't you see how you are scaring him!?

    Athena: No, you got this wrong! I'm just... reacting in self-defense!

    Karl: Self-defense? Don't make things up! Set would never attack a person unprovoked!

    Set: Kaw kaaww kaaw kaww!


    Nene: Oh yea! Go get him, Athena! You get her too, Karl!

    Lantern: ... uuugh... This is a mess.

    Nene: Yes, this is fun!

    Lantern: Is Athena making things up? Say Nene, can you ask Set what happened?

    Nene: All right, trust your polar bear animal translator on this!

    Set: Kaw! Kaaw kaaaww kaw kaww!

    Nene: "The feathers of my kin are on your attire!"

    Set: Kaaaww!

    Nene: "I must avenge them!"

    Lantern: That's right, the shoulder trimmings on Athena's jacket are made from feathers...

    Lantern: ... really now!?

    Lantern: This means... Even though Set started the fight... It is really Athena's fault, isn't it?

    Nene: Hahaha yes!! A fight to the death shall decide who is right and wrong!

    Lantern: No! We can't have that! Do something, Nene!

    Nene: Why stop this? Battle is the only way to sort this out, isn't it?

    Lantern: ... I guess that leaves me to stop this.

    Lantern: Hey, Set! You can actually gather feathers without anything bad happening to the bird, did you know that?

    Lantern: You shed feathers sometimes too, don't you?

    Nene: Kah kaaw kakaww ka kaaaww!

    Set: KAAAWW!

    Nene: "I don't believe you!"

    Lantern: What!? Who could have known Set was this unreasonable...

    Acerola: Um... Hold on...

    Lantern: Acerola...?

    Captain: (grins) I heard the cause of the fight and got her to come.

    Acerola: K-karl! Athena! I think Set is mistaken!

    Acerola: I believe, the feathers on Athena's jacket are from a completely different species of bird from Set!

    Karl: ...

    Athena: ...


    ——— ××××× ———


    Lantern: That was a brilliant move, Captain! I couldn't have dispelled that fight myself.

    Captain: Yea! It was a good thing we have a biologist on our team, huh?

    Captain: What a relief! So it wasn't really the feathers of Set's kin on that jacket.

    Acerola: (smiling meekly) ... ...

    Lantern: ... umm, why aren't you saying anything?

    Lantern: C-could it be, that you only... said that just to-

    Captain: (loudly) LALALALA~ There are some questions that we don't really need the answers to!!!

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