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[Thanksgiving] The Feast   [3]

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    Balian sat on a tree branch, a scowl deepset in his face as his tail flicked from side to side in an impatient manner.

    "You were my student, I never saw you in a romantic way like that. I'm sorry." Hecate's words still rung in his ears and he huffed in response, shaking his head in order to clear the memory from his mind. He could change her mind, he just had to do it the old-fashioned way. Well, one of the old-fashioned ways. Kidnapping her and forcing her to become his bride wasn't one of the tactics that had worked. She had taught him all he knew and as much as he didn't want to admit it, she was stronger than him. He'd just have to woo her in a different way, show her that he was proper husband material.


    He had settled on preparing a proper Thanksgiving feast. But now he was stuck trying to hunt for food. Balian was much more of a 'rush in and swing blindly' sort of kid, so sitting patiently and sneaking up on prey was a bit of a struggle, especially since he was trying to get a lot. But after a few hours, he definitely had enough to make a proper meal with (he had to cave in and pay for a fat turkey, though, none of those wandering around for him to hunt).


    Hours later and he was proud of his work, wiping sweat from his brow and standing back with a pleased grin on his face. A table full of various meats, vegetables, and even an apple pie that the captain had gave him a recipe for. Now all that was left to do was to find Hecate and show her the feast he had made for the two of them. 


    Rushing off, he managed to find her, tugging her along despite her protests. 


    "Balian, please, I've got things to do-"

    "Hecate, trust me--this will make you fall for me," replied Balian, tail wagging much like an excited puppy with a grin on his face as he led her to the table.


    Then his smile fell when he noticed that the food was gone, and instead Nene sat, wiping her mouth with a napkin as she rested her feet on the table. Burping, she looked towards the duo and grinned. "Hey, guys! I would have saved you some if I knew you were coming, but someone left all this food out here for us!"


    Balian swore he saw red, fists clenching at his sides as he tried not to scream, instead looking towards Hecate with a sickly-sweet smile.


    "How about roasted polar bear for our Thanksgiving dinner?"

    • Hell 2017.10.02 15:48
      Hahaha!! Damn it Nene. I love reading this! its my favorite ship too
    • Minre 2017.10.08 00:14
      Nene probably will rekt them tho.
    • Marcien 2017.10.08 09:08
      omg nene pls. poor balian. this is a good fic, well done!

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