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VisualShower Wiki   [15]

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    Check out the wiki: https://vsfan.net/wiki

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    Hey everyone,


    I've been meaning to post about this for a while but I've been working on building a wiki for the VisualShower games over at https://vsfan.net/wiki.


    I've got almost all of the Hunters scaffolded out (except those I don't have) as a starting point but there's still a bunch that will take me ages to plow through. Well, that and a wiki isn't designed for just one person ;)


    Eventually I'll be going through and building out scaffolds for Beyond the Bounds and White Island but who knew building a wiki could be so much let along just building my own fansite (intended to live at http://vsfan.net but it's not live yet hence the placeholder)


    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Unfortunately, I haven't had any time (or users) to write meta-guides about what needs doing or how things are generally styled.


    Anyway, thanks for any interest and hopefully someone finds this useful

    • Marcien 2017.08.21 23:55
      this is great work, thank you
    • ninjakitteh 2017.08.22 02:11
      Cool! I'm sure the devs will love this!

      I might even help... maybe.
    • Spondyl 2017.08.22 08:34
      That'd be neat B) The one thing that bugged me about their titles is that there is little to no English info about them or their titles. I've got a Google Drive folder bursting with research just waiting to be compiled into an article haha
    • Trigg 2017.08.22 05:31
      Great stuff, mate!
    • Lgtmagician 2017.08.22 08:26
      Are you planning on just getting max 5* units stats, skill, story info, sounds great making that wiki
    • Spondyl 2017.08.22 08:32
      Well, ideally that'd be nice! I'm not sure how best to store the story info on the wiki but more complicated stuff like that I was going to store on the fansite

      For example, I could have every Hunter as an entity with stories and skills tied to them rather than it being static text you have to update every time but I'm still fiddling haha
    • BlackGeneral 2017.08.22 09:16
      I think a wikia in the style of this http://terrabattle.wikia.com/wiki/Terra_Battle_Wiki could be more apropriate. Good luck
    • Spondyl 2017.08.22 15:44
      My reason for going for a hosted Mediawiki instance was basically a split between dislike for some of the forced formatting implemented by Wikia and being able to access any part of the wiki with nothing abstracted away (unlike Wikia where it's hosted for you.

      Having said that, I can definitely appreciate it being much less maintenance and it would likely have better SEO. It also stores it in a neutral domain (ie: I can't lose my mind one day and shut it down ;P) so there's definitely pros and cons each way

      There was at least one attempt at Wiki before at http://blustone.wikia.com/wiki/Blustone_Wiki but it never went anywhere unfortunately.

      I'd be interested to hear more on any reasons you might have behind your suggestion since I haven't really had any community input up until I publicly announced it now
    • Majo 2017.08.22 12:54
      Cool, I could help with the BTB/White Island stories. Nicely done.
    • VSpang 2017.08.22 14:05

      Looks like an awesome setup, Spondyl! Let me know if you need any additional information and I'll help where I can. :)

    • Spondyl 2017.08.22 15:47
      Much appreciated! The main things at this point that I'd love to get my hands on are character renders as you know, haha.

      We can take screenshots and stitch them together for larger scenes like WI/BTB backgrounds but you can't beat the original art y'know.

      I did look into trying to datamine some stuff but it's all locked up tight and would uhh *cough* be a violation of the TOS y'know
    • Kyzyll 2017.08.22 14:47
      Great work m8y!
    • Spondyl 2017.08.22 15:44
      Thanks and your interest is much appreicated! I noticed you registered earlier
    • BlackGeneral 2017.11.16 00:54
      WOW The articles of this "Black" guy are really handsome.
    • MaveCi 2018.05.31 07:48
      I made a wiki and whole setup on Amino if anyone is interested in helping out or learning more about Blustone and visualshower :)

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