Another stupid story by this stupid Black General

by BlackGeneral posted Aug 22, 2017
An old legend tell the existence of a cursed bat born of humanity avarice.
She would push his older to acquire more and more money in the goal to become more powerfull(in game language +1atack/rupee)We named her "The golden bat".

We still don't know how he got it, but she is currently in the ownership of this men.


Westfield.A simple coach who owned a training gym and a dorm.Two years ago, he began to incraese the price of his dorme,little by little, we haden't seen anything.But 6 month ago his madness take hime completely ,he ask the crazy amount of 50 000rupees to its tenants.Some hunters try to resone him(most of them still ospitalised), naturally the neighbordhood warned us of the noise, but the time we arrive, he had already desapeared.Since the inhabitants of Midgard call him "Westfield the scammer"

Recently a rumor spreads amongst the hunters,certain of them would have heard scary laught come from the bottom of the GOLDEN ABYSS.

We therefore decided to limit the acess of the abyss to the 5th floor.

Secret rapport of Union Hunters n°7

If you don't post anything Hecaunte gonna curse you .