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An inspirational message for you all, from Pardis/FHE   [11]

Majo    Lv.  18
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    Hello everyone, I am Majo, also known as Pardis, one of the moderators of First Hunters Ever, the first official Blustone's clan. I just wanted to tell you all that I have enjoyed playing this game a lot so far, and, that for being a mobile application, it sure has been worth spending my money and time on. 


    Being a self decision, I got influenced by rather the amount of great people that I've met in the past months since I started, and that have watched me progress from the beginner/professional veteran ranks into the Guru's, having being recognized as one of the biggest memes and top PvP'ers in the game. I hope that the ones that have talked to me did have to actually enjoy these experiences, such as participating in arena during those last Sunday fun hours, doing Excavation memes, general Blustone chit chatting, Discord humour and getting to learn about each other's qualities as the time goes by.


    I've enjoyed treating the most of y'all, and the only thing I will ask for you guys is to be cool, talk to others with respect, and keep maturity over any situation and towards Staff, as they are also giving their best efforts for us all to be pleased.


    Thanks to VSpang for having been such an awesome informer, and for managing to keep a constant communication with the rest of the game developers, as without her, we'd still have many of the bugs we've had in the past. You are the best!


    I know that I and some friends of mine have done some joke messages on the arena for the Korean community, but let's be honest, we were just trying to have some fun, it's nothing personal, if we didn't have someone to fight with, this would get eventually monotonous! 


    Thanks to everyone who have played with us until now, even to those who might not be active to this very day. Thanks for putting up with my flaws and giving me your time and best interests. Thanks for teaching me the many things that I myself never knew about Blustone and VisualShower games in general. Thanks for giving me the chance to be a part of something truly amazing.


    Hope this motivates you all to keep progressing over what you guys want to achieve, and to make this a healthier game with an excellent community! <3


    - Pardis, moderator of First Hunters Ever.

    • Smn42 2017.08.30 16:30
      Damn, I caught something in my eyes while reading...
    • Trigg 2017.08.30 16:48
      Group hug?
    • VSpang 2017.08.30 17:26
      Group hug!
    • Spondyl 2017.08.30 20:07
      +1 can confirm that Blustone has been a good excuse to get back into programming projects and I'm glad I can contribute back with the wiki B)

      Thanks for the writeup and hopefully it does continue to expand (while understanding the devs aren't a big ol' AAA with heaps of employees)
    • Jrad 2017.08.30 21:02
      Written with a touch of class, well done mate you're an asset and true driving force within the community. Kudos
    • Casual 2017.08.31 01:21
      I still cant think of the first ever hunter that I shall grow up to be :3 but I hope to continue being involved in the antics of blustone watching it and the community grow and eventually be stronk enough to contend with u on the leaderboards majo :'
    • Enheim 2017.08.31 02:37
      FHE Enheim checking in ;) lotsa appreciation for the game and VS especially for her hard work! I ship Majo x VS <3 Have a great weekend guys, I know the FHE Alliance will be ;p
    • Casual 2017.08.31 07:59
      omg I just realised i can just be The First Ever Casual Hunter Casual. :3

      Oneday I hope ill be known as FHE Casual ;)
    • BlackGeneral 2017.08.31 08:13
      It's most First Casual Hunter Ever.:sunnysmile:
    • Kyzyll 2017.08.31 17:24
      We're so blessed to have you Pardis! ♡♡
    • BlackGeneral 2017.12.13 23:38

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