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Think Tank   [16]

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    My inferiority complex is not a very good one

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    Since chat is down, let’s have a brainstorm. Do you have an idea for a new hunter? Maybe a thought on how to improve an existing feature? Whatever constructive thoughts you got I would love to see them posted here. Just let go and write as if the people who matter are reading it! Why not right? <3

    Note: when composing long texts, be sure to select all before posting and copy in case your upload doesn’t take the first time. It happens. If you fail the first time you can then easily paste and try again.
    • DeusEx87 2018.12.28 00:41
      We may focus on improving interaction among players. Right now it feels like a single player game with some chat features.
      Guilds could be the start for something like this. Cooperative stages where every player in a party should do something to help other members of the party to achieve higher goals, like in dungeons or raids.
      Or maybe some kind of help that stronger players could give to actually help weaker guild members to level up.
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.28 01:17
      I like that, at first thought I imagine a system that perhaps logs other players runs in levels and searches or abyss runs then offers a window to join in for other guild mates and friends. A more inclusive game would be nice.
    • Sonia_ 2018.12.28 04:13
      This is actually what was promised when guilds were released. It said guilds would have missions where we would have to cooperate together, but it probably is too hard for them to implement (considering we can't even get guild chat and normal chat to functionally coexist) at the moment
    • Michealangelo 2018.12.28 01:03
      one word: traps. We need more of them, just saying ^~^
      On another note, what I really have been wishing for a long time is different/innovative/singular skills. It feels like every new hunter is just pretty much a different face, with recycled skills that are organized on slightly different ways. Dino is what I'd call a first step on being creative: his 4th skill attacks all on the ornintosomething... Well, I mean, he used to be, because now they also gave this skill to Levi, and I'm sure another new hunter in the future will also have it.
      Also, I know it's unlikely, but I'd love to have a way to grind for nat 4★ the same way I grind for Harley everyday. Maybe even having ruins for a really short amount of time? Like Twins ruins for 2 days event? Idk idk
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.28 01:28
      I think most of us... or maybe mostly me want more traps X3 like an extremely boyish chick for starters lol

      I also get where you are coming from with Dino. But it may interest you to know that before he was introduced as a new character, players like you and I wrote of our wishes to have his skill added to the hunters :) i recall clearly his exact skill talked about in forums. Knowing how many things like that have happened before I love these kinds of ideas!

      I feel that the 4* naturals traces should be added to the mirage ruins store as well. Either that or boost their appearance rates in hunter trace searches at least.
    • S13Celestial 2018.12.28 02:05
      Of course you want more traps.
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.28 08:56
      I want more of many things... but yea more traps are great :3
    • Jng 2018.12.28 02:06
      Maybe tweak selection scrolls to include the option for I don’t know... maybe 40 traces or something of natural 4*s
    • Stapleclips 2018.12.28 02:54
      Maybe the ability to buy 4 star traces with LM coins
    • Jng 2018.12.28 03:29
      Too easy, they would never do that...

      I’m pushing it with the 40 trace suggestion as it is...

    • Graf 2018.12.28 03:54
      I propose to return good old friend helpers in the abyss. Like when I came back it was unexpected and hard to clear last stages of abyss even for 1 star. I'm pretty sure newbies would really appreciate it
    • Jng 2018.12.28 05:52
      Whilst subsequently adding stages 9 & 10 to each abyss, yes that would be great!

      The 8 levels of abyss and respective difficulty were introduced before equipment and jewels, equip/jewels made the relative difficulty of abyss much easier and I assume was the reason why they removed the 5th co-op hunter...

      Stages 9 & 10 would not only be great in that they would have better yields but they would also account for the increase in CP from equip/jewels
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.28 08:53
      I feel the same way. I grew very comfortable with the friends helping out for abyss runs however they likely removed the option because using guild mates as helpers gains guilds contribution points. Still, it shouldn’t tip the balance so much to have them back.

      I tell ya tho, those abyss stars still seem to have no meaning in earning them. I have all stars on ice abyss and one left on golden; tho no real incentive to collect more. Maybe doing something about that can ease the frustration of missing helpers.

      Perhaps offering those 4* traces that stapleclips was mentioning as rewards for abyss stars?
    • Calludus 2018.12.28 12:57

      They should refurbish the mechanics of fight club. Number one problem is the defense stalling. Yeah we can all set the team like that. How if all were going to be like that. Do you think it's competitive? No! It isn't fun anymore. That's unfair. The TIME LIMIT is really the problem. It's too short. Sudden Death isn't that much of a help. Why don't you just remove it? A fight to the death may seem fair. That's what I think the best. And.. Hide the opponent team power for all good sake for both parties.

      They didn't state any on the patch updates regarding on fight club. We didn't know that fate bonus, equip and jewel were also applies on defense. Haha.. lol.. why hide that.. tsk.. and still shows incorrect values.


      Not all want to display their fight club offense team line up. lol.. I want to display my most favorite hunters haha..


      If ever, every captain can choose to send three hunters for friend to select as assist and still cooldown applies and only one hunter at a time. The set hunter as avatar will be shown as placeholder.

      Hahaha I don't expect some simple things like that to happen. That's too hard for them haha and costs a lot of app space..

      My suggestions for I have been playing for 10 months. It's still good we have privilege to speak out what we want to happen.
      I still say Thank You Blustone.
      Happy New Year!
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.28 13:19
      You have a few good points in your fresh eyes on the game. I too have felt that selecting a hunter to assist apart from the one we use as our avatar would be nice. I can’t say that I want to fight until one side is dead would be very balanced for def teams but the jewels help a lot with breaking defenses down. Though a kind of survival mode with a separate ranking apart from the fight club would be interesting I have imagined before. Depending on how it could be done, it would be like a race to see who can go farthest each week. Players could even need to decide if they wanted to use fight tickets to race or fight other players.
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.28 13:10
      There certainly is no shortage of hunter ideas I am sure of that, however I feel there are a number of possibilities left yet to be. One in particular I have been hoping for is an artist hunter like a painter or writer. Also I suppose beckhen counts as a sculptor lol

      Another thing I noticed is that we have two musicians so far, a guitarist and bassist. It would be nice to have a complete set of musical hunters for a full band to battle with.

      I just love pirates too and while some hunters can pass as one a full on pirate may be cool. I could see him possibly stealing skill points from enemies or simply boosting the skill point gain rate for the team.

      Besides those thoughts maybe some of these could be good directions as well:
      A mechanic, a fisherman, a lawman, an athlete, a drifter, a sailor, a priest, an explorer, a pilot, a baker, a gardener/farmer, and just for fun some hunter obsessed with candy lol

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